Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saving a memory

Today when the family was out shopping I was sitting in the Rav with my son.  A song came on the radio and I turned it up. Not too loud though.  Just loud enough. 

This is the part I find amusing and wanted to write this down to save the memory. I think it will be funny to see this a few years or when my son is a teen.  Then I can go "See, I told you so."

My son isn't into music as much as some of his classmates so he doesn't like most music.

When I turned up the song he goes "Turn it down please. It's too loud." I told him that when he was a teenager he was going to be listening to music very close to what was playing and that I would be the one going "Turn down that noise!"  My son goes "Nu uh."

I'm still amused when I think about it.

The song?  It was Volbeat - "A Warriors Call"

Cause I'm nice, here's the music video.  Not something that I usually listen to. But it's got a good beat.  When I was looking for a music video I found the lyrics and read them.  Interesting, but I don't understand half of them when the song is going.

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