Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Today when I went to pick my son up from latchkey the sun was starting to set.  I had my ipod with me this time and I was able to stop the vehicle and take a couple images.  I really need to start carrying my camera with me. 

The sky was beautiful. I was just talking to someone today about how hard it is to head home and it be dark by the time I get home.  I can't think of the last time I picked my son up at latchkey and it was still sort of light out at 5 p.m.

Tonight was religious education night so I didn't get home until almost 8 p.m. There was no clouds. My son got out of the truck, looked up and went "Wow, I can see the Milky Way" The night sky is very clear at the new house. We are far enough from any big cities that there is very little light pollution. I have yet to be able to take a decent shot of a night sky. So no images of the night sky yet.

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Mali said...

Gorgeous pictures! I bet the night sky is sparkling!