Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Frogged the last UFO this morning

Apparently I thought that there was a lot more time to this month than there really is. Just goes to show how busy I am at work. Where the heck did the month go? Last night I thought it was Wednesday. Maybe I am itching for it to be the weekend again? lol.

So yeah, I frogged the last thing this morning. It was a simple shawl made out of the LionBrand sparkley mohair yarn. I set it aside some time ago because I made yarn overs in the wrong place and it was *so* obvious. I'm kind of bummed because it was three balls worth of yarn. I was more than 1/2 way done with it. *sigh* oh well.

But now everything is off the needles, so to speak, and I can now start anything I want. I'm seriously debateing on having a project at work, in the car and one for around the house. But I can't decide if that will be too much. I also have to start thinking of another gift to give come July but I don't know what this person would appreciate. A hat, should I try to make socks, or just look on their Amazon wishlist?

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