Thursday, April 16, 2009

What is this?

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my first toe up sock.

It's gonna be a vanilla sock and I'm going by guidelines on a pattern by Wendyknits. Her Nanner pattern to be exact.

I tried the double knit cast on, the figure 8 cast on and I even tried to comprehend Judy's magic cast on. I couldn't quite get any of them. The double knit on looked terrible. If I had some time alone and quiet I could probably figure them out. While I was on youtube I spotted something called Turkish cast on. It looked promising but the video didn't quite do it justice. So I searched on the net and came across this blog which had a great picture tutorial and explained everything. The video I was watching for the other cast on's didn't do a very good job of explaining the beginning and end of the cast on.

But the Turkish cast on. Oh I love it! And so simple. Why aren't more people singing the praises of this cast on?

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