Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone.

I'm the cook this Easter. First time making an Easter dinner. It's gonna be unconventional to say the least. But it will be yummy.

Last night we colored eggs. DS blazed through the eggs so fast. Next year I will have to boil more so it lasts a bit longer.

I still have the dye jars sitting on my counter. I'm going to use them on some yarn I have and try my hand at Easter egg dye dyeing. I'm still working on a project that can't be mentioned just yet. Would you believe the last time I worked on it was Friday? I looked at it once or twice but I didn't touch it.

We still have to do the egg hunt. That will happen as soon as grandma wakes up.

Today is supposed to be another gorgeous day out. I think another bike ride is in order. Yesterday we went out on a trail we had never been on before. It is nice. Asphalt path and it goes through the woods and past a field. There were even a few creeks running. I'm proud to say that DS can ride his bike for one mile and not be tired out. When we got back home he wanted to ride his bike some more. I love that he's so active. I can hardly keep up with him though. :-)

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