Monday, April 27, 2009

knitters block?

Cause I seem to have it, lol.

This weekend I was sick. And with all this talk about the swine flu, who knows if I got it or not.

Last week I had the problem with the sock heel. So I decided to rip it and be done. Then I could have kicked myself once I figured out my problem.

So I got some knitting magazines from the library. I really like Knit Simple from Vogue. I can't tell if it's cause they have a lot of patterns that I could see myself wearing or the bright colors most everything was done in.

I found a couple patterns for lace shawls and stoles

I decided this weekend that, Yes, I am going to frog the MS KAL 5 stole. So I found a pattern to use the yarn with. It's simple and elegant looking. I hadn't invested a TON of time in the MS KAL. It's not that the pattern isn't pretty, but I think that, at this place in my life, where I have a lot of brain power being expended, I want something with a simple repeat and this new pattern has it.

There is one more UFO hanging around the house. It's the start of a simple little mitten for DS. I'm gonna frog that as well. The rest of this month is going to be used to organize new projects, go through my little stash and possibly give some up. Most of my stash of other yarns is acryllics. I bought it all with the intention of making blankets and stuff. Maybe I should finally start a blanket? That should be simple, right? LOL, I have been thinking of starting a modern log cabin blanket.

Other than the one project (which I still can't share of photo of yet) I have finished nothing else. I didn't even finish the bobbin I started earlier this month. This has been kind of a poor knitting month now that I think of it.

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