Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Some updates

Here's an updated photo of my progress on the branching out scarf. It's around 21 inches long. I've been taking it one repeat at a time. I'm hoping to be done with it by the end of the month. Still haven't decided if I want to keep this or give as a gift.

When it came to this project lifelines were my best friend. :-)

I also started making DS a hat. It's just a simple rolled brim hat. I cast on 100 stitches on size U.S. 7 dpn. I do love how bright it is. It's Caron's simply soft acryllic, I think. :-)

I'm so glad to be able to finally show these off. One of my friends had a birthday recently and I suprised her with a little goodie bag. The blue bag I made, actually :-) And these stitch markers. I was so glad to hear that she loved them. Gives me a bit more confidence that I can put beads together and make pretty things :-).

Here's a close up, but the flash was still a bit bright.

This is fabric that I picked up this past weekend. It's to make a scrub top for my SIL. She is going to be graduating from Vet Tech school this fall. As far as I know she is kicking butt grade wise. I'm very proud of her cause she managed a very full schedule of school and working. Not an easy feat. :-). The picture doesn't do the color much justice. It's a very pretty lavendar background.

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