Monday, June 23, 2008

Well, happy Monday ... If I have to, lol.

Well, I ended up frogging DS's hat last night. Somehow I managed to pick up lots of extra stitches. Weird. I counted several times to make sure.

I'm still making slow progress on my scarf.

I'm also gonna have another project coming into the cue. All Iknow is that it will be a pair of socks. :-)

Was going to spin last night when I realized I don't have as much fiber as I thought. ... I want to keep what I have for tomorrow's demonstartions. Wouldn't wanna be like drew on Ice Road truckers and come unprepared :-) But I did buy some off of ebay last night. Don't remember from who though ... If it's good I will pimp them, of course. :-)

And because I'm a joiner I've joined plurk :-) TONS of fun.

And I also joined the Plurkette Hen circle.

Between all that and wanting a spinning wheel now, MIL said all I need now is a butter churn. :-) DH told the neighbor to keep an eye out cause I may decide I want to process my own fleece and one day a sheep may suddenly appear in my yard. I keep thinking, if it gets that bad, the sheep will get parked out at SIL's house. :-D Keeping her horses company.

I guess I must be feeling all is well in my world if I'm joining all this stuff and lusting after certain items. DS is potty training and is doing excellent. I'm managing to keep a decently cleaned house. I'm not letting house hold stuff pile up. Things are going okay at work. I guess everything is just coming together.

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