Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Busy start to the week

Monday after work we decided to run to Menard*s and get the rest of the needed lumbar for the new chicken coop.  My son was NOT happy.  I guess he had made plans to meet a buddy on a minecraft server.  Oh well. Getting supplies trumps video games.

Turns out the kid wasn't able to get on the computer so it all worked out.

So it was a "quick" trip to town. 

When we got home and started unloading the lumber the turkeys wandered over and chattered at us for a bit. (Sorry for the blur, taken with a camera phone)

This is the longer lumber.

This is the rest of the materials.  It doesn't look like much, all compact and tidy.  The shingles are over in another section of the yard. Because my guy loves me so much we got vinyl for the floor because it makes mucking out SO much easier.  The vinyl is in a place that is safe from the elements.

The youngest babies are getting big which means a coop swap may be in the near future.   They are more than a month old now and looks like they have all their feathers.  No more broody lamp for them.  They are tearing through the chicken feed however.

Last night when I went to tuck in the the girls I was able to snag a photo of the turkeys and a few of their buddies.  They hang out on top of the chicken run every night now.  I go up to them, give the turkeys hugs and they mildly freak out because I'm invading their bubble.  Then I shoo them off the run and they usually will walk right into their coop.  The chickens usually wait for the turkeys to go in first. 

The last few days I've been hearing one of the young roos crowing in the morning.  I forgot how adorable those first squeaky crows are. I imagine my neighbors don't necessarily agree with me but oh well.  In a few months they will be ready for the freezer.  Circle of life and all that good stuff.

Tonite after work we took the boat out again.  There was hardly anyone on the water.  It was really nice. The lake had a different personality. I liked being pretty much the only speed boat out there.  A few people had their pontoons out and there was one gal paddling around.

They boys went swimming a few times.  I didn't have a swimming suit on otherwise I might have attempted. A ladder has been purchased so now it's really easy to get back on the boat.

I had to laugh when we went around the island.  There are a few houses on it. One of the houses had a satellite dish prominently on the edge of the island. 

Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy

1. Watermelon for breakfast

2. I have a sock on the needles.  Almost done with the cuff.

3. Super yummy burgers for supper.

4. I've upped my water intake.

5. Sleeping with the windows open. 

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