Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Step one for the new chicken coop

Tonite after work we started the new chicken coop. Lumber was laid out, spots were marked and holes were dug.  I dug one hole to my DH's five. 

First side done. Everything all in a row. 

Look at how perfectly aligned those posts are. 

We mixed up 720 pounds of concrete for the posts.  I'm not as good mixing up concrete as I'd like to be.

Making sure the posts are straight and level.

Last post ... done!

 Now to let the concrete cure for a bit.

While the first holes for the coop were being dug I did some chicken chores, including mucking out the main chicken coop. One of the girls wanted to lay an egg but wasn't too happy I was in there cleaning and disturbing her zen.  She kept walking in and out of the coop, shrewing the whole time. She even popped outside and went into the wheelbarrow and checked it out. 

I could see her in there scratching up a storm, deciding if it was a safe place to lay her egg. 

She started shrewing again and caused Brewster to have "concerns." A few seconds later she decided it was too out in the open and she hopped out. 

 Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy

1. It was a seven egg day.

2. Posts for the new coop are set.

3. Having the windows open ALL day.

4. Baked chicken in my cast iron pot.

5. Bug spray.  It saves the day again. 

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