Wednesday, August 13, 2014

More walls up on the chicken shack

Today a crappy thing happened.  I went out on the deck to shake out my kitchen rugs and a bee flew up from under the deck and stung me on the neck.

I shrieked like a girl, dropped my rugs and ran back into the house.  I haven't been stung since I was four when I stepped on a bumble bee.  I immediately called my DH and dug out my benedryl.  He assured me I'd be fine.  A few years back I was bit by a horsefly and I broke out in hives and itched like mad.

My boys are allergic to bee venom and I know allergies can suddenly develop as you get older.  So yeah, I was a bit freaked.

Fortunately, knock on wood, things are fine with me.  I wasn't aware that benedryl makes you drowsy.  After a bit I was really struggling to stay awake. Lesson learned, next time look for non-drowsy stuff.

In other news, more progress was done on the chicken shack.  The back wall sheeting was put up.  Look at the grin on my man's face.

A shot from the back.

It was then decided to cut out the first two windows.

He used *my* chainsaw.  What? Doesn't every girl have their own chainsaw? 

It's cut, time to knock it out. 

First window hole is cut. 

My smartphone decided to freeze so I didn't get any images or video of the second window hole being cut out. 

Then I swept up the saw dust, just in case it rains.  Even though the forecasters said "no rain" for the week, it rained last night.

 Afterwards I baked some bread for dessert and went out to take care of the chickens.  Look who came over looking for something. Or perhaps she just wanted to say "Hi." In any case, she's a little sweetheart.

Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy

1. I'm not allergic to bees

2. Being able to have the windows open all day.  

3. Homemade bread. 

4. Dinner for tomorrow is already decided. 

5. A crisper drawer full of cucumbers.

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