Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Progress on the chicken shack

Last night it rained so no progress was made on the chicken shack.  Instead we watched Jumanji in tribute to Robin Williams. *sigh*

Today it was nice out so my guy put some sheeting up while I did some chicken chores.

Here's the first sheet up.  I didn't take any other photos because ... well, chicken chores. 

I don't mind saying that I'm *not* looking forward to painting this.  I will be thrilled to have all the babies in one space and it will be so much easier to care for them all.

I have a funny story to share about a Roo named Priscilla.   You read that right, we have a roo that we call Priscilla.  Why?  We have a banty hen named Elvis.  She's our broody girl who has a bit of a pompadour.

 The last batch of eggs she sat on including one of her own eggs.  Her own baby turned out to be a roo that looks just like her, except all black and gray.  So the running joke is that since Elvis is a girl, her son must be given a girls name and he is a black haired beauty, so we call him Priscilla.

I'd say the last two weeks or so he has found his voice and now he crows every morning.  He's a feisty little cure.

This past weekend Priscilla decided it was time to be a man.  (Wow that sentence looks funny).  What did he do? He decided he needed to make hearts with Grandma P. 

Grandma P did not like this little pipsqueak trying to make hearts with her and protested.  Meanwhile, Buck heard the commotion and came running over and knocked little Priscilla off Grandma P.

I heard Priscilla tried it again today after we got home.  Bucked knocked him off again, then Brewster came running over.

Life is never dull when you have chickens.

Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy

1. Nice weather today.

2. Progress on the chicken shack.

3. My son emptied the dishwasher without being reminded.

4. Singing along to the radio with my son.

5. It was another seven egg day. 

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