Thursday, August 7, 2014

Progress on the chicken shack continues ...

Today after work we had to run over to a friend's house and pick up the door for the new coop.  We also were able to pick up a few used windows for a good price.  It pays to know people.

When we got back to the homestead and ate supper my DH went out and worked a bit on the new coop.

Once again the turkeys came over to inspect our work.

"What are you up to? Do you have a permit for that? "

They once again deemed the work acceptable to their standards and let my DH continue.

 While my DH was busy I set the babies up in the dog crate we have.  The poor things have outgrown their previous home.  Once they were set up in the their new digs they were VERY happy. They were running around and scratching in the pine shavings.  This also let me give them a good once over. It's amazing how much they have grown and changed in their short lives.

They are a feisty bunch.

 After my guy worked on the "chicken shack" he lowered one of the roosts in the turkey's coop.  The bronze turkey walked right in and hopped up on the roost like it's been like that always.  The white turkey fretted a bit because it was used to sleeping on the floor.

Here they are with one of their Americauna buddies.

Here I am in front of the chicken shack. The coop's finished size will be 12 foot by 16 foot and seven and a half foot ceiling height.

 Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy

1. Finally made it to the new doughnut place in town. 

2. Getting windows for the coop at a great price.

3. Homemade chicken soup for supper.

4. Broccoli from the garden.

5. How happy the baby chicks are in their new "home."

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