Tuesday, July 8, 2014

... And I'm back

I decided to take a break from the Interwebs for the holiday and thoroughly enjoy my long weekend.

The weekend was good.  Not all of it went as anticipated, but it's all right.

Last week we did a whole mess of blueberry picking. All said and done we had about four gallons of berries.  I made my first jam of the season. I wound up with 20 pints. Not sure if we will be going out to pick more blueberries.  The local strawberry patch is open for berry picking. As soon as strawberries are picked I can make strawberry jam and strawberry-rhubard jam.  Mmm, I'm smiling just thinking about it. 


This weekend we processed five of our guineas. They dressed out at more than three pounds each, which is really good. We had our first one for dinner yesterday. Tasty. Though I guess we have been cooking them too long by using the crockpot.  So we went looking for recipes and I guess they will be strictly a weekend meal.

On Sunday we moved the baby chicks from the brooder tote in the house out to the brooder coop.  So far so good.  They love it out there.

They spend a lot of time in their little coop.  More than anything I think they like that they can run in there and "hide."

Later in the afternoon I thought I was hearing phantom chirps. Turns out eggs in the incubator were hatching.  I didn't even have a full day of no babies in the house.  Oh well, they are adorable.

There are a still quite a few eggs left in the 'bator. 

Meanwhile, Elvis' second batch of babies have been moved over to the guinea/turkey coop.  It was a hard few days for them and we had to catch them the last two days to put them to bed.  They are feisty little buggers. 

Tonite they have it figured out.  They went to bed before everyone else. They also got the best spots.

Everyone else in the barnyard is doing fabulous.  I love how the Americaunas and the turkeys hang out together.

The white turkey likes to have her space. 

In the coop, Grandma is still in her box and Buck sleeps just above her. I'm sure you can guess that Buck really isn't welcomed up on the roost. He's still being a piece of work and trying to get with the ladies.  He also still has his sights set on my son, I think.  No attacks yet, but he keeps an eye on him and runs behind my son, all sneaky like a cat.  My son turns around and puts his dukes up and Buck doesn't get close.

Brewster is keeping Buck in line, and keeping the girls *safe* from Buck's advances.

I think some of the girls secretly like Buck's advances. *Shh* don't tell Brewster.

One of the babies that was born back in February has spent a lot of time in the nesting box today.  When I reached in to see who it was she acted a bit funny so I'm wondering if she is getting ready to lay her first egg.

The garden is coming along, even though I don't spent nearly as much time as I should in there. 

I harvested my first lettuce and it's so yummy with the balsamic vinaigrette that I've made.

Look! The first sugar snap peas.

The utility company has come through and started their work in laying new power lines, and making a mild mess of my yard.

Could be worse, they ran right through the woods of my neighbor's property.  I'd hate to be staring at that kind of mess. I just have tracks in my yard.

I've been doing some crafting.  It's not any of my usual hobbies.  I purchased a latch hook kit and my son has been helping here and there with it.  Not much progress made on it but I'm pleased with it so far. I love being able to just pick it up and leave it and not wonder where I am in a pattern. I can see at a glance. 

I have a feeling that my blog posts are going to not be nearly as frequent for the next month or so.  Canning season is officially here and things seem to be busier than usual around the homestead. I'm enjoying it, but something has to give.  Right now I think I will have to go easy on myself and move the blog lower on the list.  I hope everyone understands. 

Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy

1. Seeing the facial expressions my son makes when he thinks no one can see him. 

2. Fresh baby chicks. 

3. Watching the original Star Trek with the family. 

4. Smoothies

5. How fresh the air smells tonite. 

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