Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It was a dark and stormy night ...

Yesterday it was hot out. Not only was it hot, it was humid.  Heat by itself is fine, but humidity makes it SO much worse. 

When I picked my son up from daycamp yesterday it was in the 90s. I heard the heat index was over 100 degrees F

We were told the temps would cool down as soon as the sun set. Also, we were in for severe thunderstorms.

They weren't kidding.

I woke up about 1:50 a.m. or so to my phone clicking on and off because it was plugged in for charging.  The power was surging and causing my phone to beep.  Then the power was off and it was at least an hour before I fell back to sleep. 

I think this was the worst storm we've had since we've moved out to the homestead.  The wind was blowing hard, there was LOTS of lighting and thunder.  At times I was convinced I heard noises that sounded like train engines. I was also a wee bit concerned trees were going to fall.  I worried about the birds, especially the turkeys. 

After awhile I opened one of the windows and the smell of ozone was strong. I laid back down and focused on my breathing for a bit and convinced myself that things were okay outside because I couldn't hear any hail.  Yes, I was worried that hail was going to damage my car. Sounds like we missed the hail, however.

I got up for the day just after 5 a.m. We didn't get power back until approximately 6:15 a.m. Thank goodness for our back up system.  This morning was nothing like the first day of school this past school year.

I took a short walk outside to check things out and there were some big branches down but no major damage that I could see.

On the way to work I encountered a lot of debris on the road that I usually take to get to a main road.

I saw a tree down and laying on a power line. 

While I was staring at that my son goes "Mom, look at that Birch hanging upside down.


This morning my son told me he needed a plain white t-shirt for tie-dying at day camp this week and that it had to be brought in today.  I was not a happy girl when I heard this.  I did manage to get us out early and to Wal*mart so he could get his shirt.  When I picked him up this afternoon he told me there had been a typo on the newsletter and it didn't have to be today.  I rushed for nothing and had encountered a lot of obstacles to slow me down.

Oh well.

In yesterday's news, my son had a rough morning before we left.  He had decided to go out and check on the chickens.  He came back into the house and had a nice, long streak of chicken poo on his shirt, shorts, leg, foot and flip-flop.  Guess he was trying to hold Ms. Red and she decided to let him know what she thought of that.

When we got home after work there was some heavy equipment over in the meadow. 

The power company is getting ready to lay the new power line. 

Practically at the base of a huge, old pine tree.  I can see they managed to dig up some big stones.  I'm sure they were not expecting that. 

Considering the size and shape of the rocks I wonder if there was a building or stone fence over there. 

The baby girl that has been laying eggs decided the chute from the coop to the run was a good place to lay an egg. My son squeezed in and got the egg for me. Tailed-Red was up there for a bit with it and looking at it as if she knew it did not belong there. 

 Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy

1. Our power back up.  Makes the mornings so much easier when the power has gone out.

2. Everything is okay after the 70 mph winds of last night.

3. One of my good friends had some really good family things happen recently.  I'm so happy for her. Prayers have been answered.

4. I have my health

5. Fresh broccoli from the garden.

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