Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lazy Sunday

Today was one of those rare days in which there were no urgent home projects.

I woke up a bit late, again, and made myself a fabulous mocha.  Then I puttered a bit with chicken projects.

About midday  we had a power outage. I wouldn't have known about it except I tried to go online and my internet wasn't working.  Thanks to the solar back up working so smoothly we didn't experience any hardships. The power was out for about 30-45 minutes. After the excitement of having the power coming back on we all took a nap.  It beat being outside.  Temps were up and the humidity was about 84 percent.

After naptime we did do a recon mission to check out the berry patches.  Raspberries are sort of in. ... There are berries but no huge patches.  No blackberries to be seen. Some patches were just flowering out.  I'm coming to the conclusion this is an "off" year and next year will be a bountiful year.

Blueberry picking really spoiled us. I forgot how it is picking raspberries.  I went out foraging in a skirt.  Kind of a mistake. There was no barging into the brambles for me.

Came back home and I whipped up some homemade buns for hamburgers.

Earlier in the day we went out and about for a bit.  We stopped at a grocery store in a nearby town that is known for its meat and picked up some ground rib eye beef for hamburgers.

Burgers turned out fabulous.

We ended up not making chicken soup from yesterday's leftovers.  We boiled the chicken in a pot that still had some potatoes and carmelization in it.  Not a good combo. 

Some of the big girls enjoyed a late evening treat. Brewster was taking his duty seriously and letting the girls have their fair share.

I'm not sure if they enjoyed the watermelon more or going after the seeds.  After giving them the watermelon I tossed out bits of homemade bread.  Hilarious.  If I do that again I should have someone videotape while I toss the bread.  All the birds were running around trying to snatch the bread, including the turkeys.  

The turkey's are SO big now it looks like they are starting to have a hard time walking. I guess there goes the idea of keeping a breeding pair.  I would feel awful if their quality of life started going downhill because they had a hard time moving around.  Our turkeys have a pretty good life right now. 

My son learned the hard way to not try picking the turkeys up anymore.  Him and I went out to tuck them in for the night and he picked the bronze turkey up and she accidentally scratched his belly.  He was not a happy little man.

Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy

1. Our backup working so smoothly.

2. Treating ourselves to ground ribeye.

3. Soon the craft room will be all mine again, I hope.

4. Not having anything pressing to do.

5. My son isn't too big to get cuddles from his mom. 

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