Saturday, July 19, 2014

Not gonna lie, that bird was tasty

Yesterday I had a really fun lunch with a bunch of people from my work building.  It's been ages since I've "gone out" with them. We went to a local dive and enjoyed good food and they enjoyed good drinks.  (I assume they were good drinks).

On the way back to the office I made a pit stop to the new candy store downtown.  Oh man, if I hadn't just ate I would have so been at the counter, enjoying a malt.  Both my coworker and I purchased a few goodies and I, being a good mother, found something for my son to enjoy.

When I picked him up at from daycamp I have him the goodie and told him to try it.  I was a bit bummed when he couldn't tell what it was right away.  When I told him that it was chocolate covered bacon his eyes got HUGE and he told me it was the best thing he had ever had in his whole life, along with a bunch of "thank yous" and "I love yous" 

Mother of the year award, right there.

Today my husband got took care of a few things before we *had* to head into town.  Right before leaving some workers from the power company showed up to bushwack for laying the new underground powerline. After the one told me they would have to tear up the garden - and then "just kidding" - they told us it would be possible to lay the line a different way and it would actually work out better for them because the line wouldn't have to cross the phone line.  As long as they don't come and rip up my garden, it's all good.

Later on someone else showed up to do something with marking the line and he told us that at some point the cable company will be laying line down in our area.  Good, right?  I don't know.  At this point I'd rather have faster internet.  We've gone almost two years with out cable and I don't think any of us miss it. If the "local" cable company eventual lays fiber optic out by us I will definitely be checking to see if they will offer internet.

Late afternoon we went out looking for raspberries and blackberries. Those berries aren't ready yet.  We did see a bunch of people out foraging for blueberries.  I'm so glad we got  blueberry picking taken care of already and I have my jam made. 

We did go check on one patch that wasn't ready a few weeks ago.  The patch is now chock full of berries.  No berry collecting though.  We  feel we got more than our share already so we just foraged and ate for a bit.

I took the car down a field road for a ways.  I am still just in love with this area. So many places to explore.

 Remember when we butchered and processed one of our Roo's a few weeks ago?  That was Honk.  Honk was a confused little Roo.  He was content to be Buck's wing man and since he wasn't going to lay eggs and he didn't have any qualities we desired in passing on to the next generation he was butchered. I can't remembered what he dressed out at, but it was more than I thought it would be.

Well, we had chicken for supper tonite.

He was very tasty.  I can't even fully describe how tasty the meat was. 

This has reinforced that we will be keeping the Roos til they are a certain weight and then put them in the freezer. 

Tomorrow, we are having chicken soup.

Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy

1. Harvesting more snap peas from the garden today. 

2. Seeing my son dance his little heart out on the deck. He thought no one was watching. 

3. The dishcloth I'm making for the swap is now done. Yay!

4. Cooking in cast iron. 

5. I figure out a technology thing today without blowing my gasket. 

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