Monday, July 14, 2014

Chicken noodle soup, please

For near a week my guy hasn't been feeling well.  He caught whatever bug gave my son a cough for the last several weeks.

Since he has been feeling so poorly, and going to work even though I thought he'd stay home (Temp over 100 degrees), I've been doing what I CAN do to make life a little easier for him and help him feel better.

What has he been asking for?

Chicken noodle soup.

The boys have been eating a lot of chicken noodle soup. My son is in heaven with all this chicken noodle soup because it is his favorite thing to get at grandma's house. The boys both agree this particular brand of chicken noodle soup is delicious.

With my man down for the count things have been fairly quiet around the homestead. No big projects being worked on this weekend.  Instead, I had my son help me clean around the house on Saturday and I'm impressed with how well he did the chores assigned to him.  Now I'm fully aware of all that he can do and will use that knowledge to my advantage.

Sunday one of my good friends was up in the area and came over for a visit.  I had a great visit with her and her family.

After they left I pretty much turned into a slug and stayed close to my guy. The whole family did a mini marathon of Star Trek TNG episodes.

Off and on all weekend I worked on the latch hook project.  I made decent progress.

 The baby chicks are about a week old now and such cute little fuzz balls.

I'd love to know who is giving us the white chicks. There are a couple chicks with different coloring.  I'm guessing those are Buck's babies. 

The other babies have now reached that wonderful awkward and gawky phase.

These pictures don't quite show it because they were all cuddled in the coop. 

They are just ask skitty as can be when you go by their coop.  I suppose I should have held them more when they were babies.

I'm also happy to *finally* be able to say that Elvis is no longer broody. Woo hoo!  She's sleeping in the nesting boxes though.  She's taken up room right next to Grandma P's box.

The first batch of sugar snap peas has been harvested from the garden. I was very good about getting them out of the garden and not eating them instead.

In other news, I finally got myself a new blog header.  I've been playing around with putting something new up and "freshen" the blog up a bit.  So the last few weeks I've been playing around and considering designs.  Do you like?  Let me know. :)

Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy
1. It was publishing day and I wrapped it up by 10 a.m. Easiest publishing day I've had in ages. 
2.  Elvis is "normal" for now. 

3. The garden is starting to produce.

4. Rain for the garden. 

5. Morning commutes with my son.


Kelsbels said...

Hope your DH is feeling better soon. These summer colds are brutal! I'm suffering from one too. :(

Love the new header! So bright and cheerful!

Amnicon Studio said...

Thank you for the header compliment! :-)

I want him to feel better quickly, too. Though on the bright side, he's kept me awfully warm on these chilly July nights.