Thursday, July 31, 2014

The love fest

Once again it's been pretty tame around here.  Work was quiet, homestead was quiet.  No wait, I take that bit back.  My neighbors "inherited" a dog and it initiated my going over and introducing myself to them.  They seem like nice people. The dog seems nice but I don't think it will be staying with them for too much longer. 

Yesterday I was able to pick up my swap package from the post office.  I belong to a group that does monthly dishcloth swaps.  It's fun and you don't have to dish out oodles of money.  Plus the women are super nice.

The gal that sent to me spoiled me rotten.  All of that stuff I can use and abuse. In a nice way, of course. I really love the cloth that is in the shape of a hot mitt. 

I had thought of posting an update on the chicky-babies but we ended up going out to look at boats. 

Yup, boats.  It's something we've been thinking about for a bit. We are waiting for the right deal to come along.  Stay tuned.

I will share this about the birds tonite. I apologize in advance for the photos looking blown out. 

The white turkey (Sweet'ums) thought he would take a siesta in the yard.  The bronze turkey (SweetiePie) joined him.  One of the Americaunas decided to join because, hey, it's her peeps, right?

One of the other Americauna's either saw the snuggle fest and wanted to join or just felt left out.  So she joined in.

She got all snuggled in with the pack. 

Then the last Americauna saw all the snuggling and decided she wasn't going to be left out.  She ran over and started rooting around until she found just the right spot for her.

 She managed to horn herself in between the two turkeys. 

And then it was pretty much over.  The turkeys either realized I was taking their photos or it was getting too crowded.  The love fest broke up about 30 seconds after this photo.

One thing I did accomplish this evening was getting some tomatoes in the dehydrator.  I had six tomatoes that were past their prime.  This morning I was listening to a podcast and the host was talking about dehydrating and turning tomatoes into tomato powder.  Eureka!

 Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy

1. Someone found us a door for the new chicken coop and it was so cheap it was a STEAL!

2. Being able to stand up for what I believe.

3. The turkeys saw me coming out to tuck them in for the night and they tucked themselves in without my having to guide them in.

4. My son is still reading his book series without being prompted.

5. This video.  I saw it on Facebook yesterday and it cracks me up.

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