Sunday, April 27, 2014

A preview of things to come

The last time I had guineas they were frantic, loud little creatures when they were babies.  When they got older and were out in the coop, they acted like teenagers and would sleep or stay on the high perches until you went in and chased them out.  Then they roamed the yard in a pack and made their noises and screamed at you.

The guinea babies time time around, they are fairly quiet in comparison.  They also spend 95 percent of their time sleeping. They huddle in a group together, in the corner and sleep.  Sometimes one or two of them fall asleep with their head in the food dish. I guess they are getting an early start on all the sleeping they will be doing once they are older.

My son took one out of the tote to hold for a bit and the little bugger jumped out of his hand and ran under the dresser in my craft room.  It got my little man pretty upset and I think he was scared that either the chick was hurt or I was going to be mad.

I was neither.  I went and found the little bugger and carried him out to the living room and let my DH hold it for a while.  My DH let his guard down and the guinea jumped out of his hand, ran across the couch, jumped down and ran behind the couch.  We found him in a corner all panicked and stressed out.

Perhaps we should give up on the idea of hand holding these critters.  I think they are more high strung than the ones we got last year.  It should make this summer interesting.

The weather today was pretty crappy.  Rain and cold.  Made for a dreary day.

 This evening I pulled out my Pamuya shawl that I had been working on during the winter Olympics.  I had set it aside but I can't remember why.

Anywho, I worked a pattern row then a purl row and somehow I reduced my stitch count in half.

What the heck?

Now I'm wondering if I should bother ripping back or frogging the project and starting over.  I know I have mistakes all over this shawl. 


I'll probably end up frogging it. Boo!

 Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. My DH made a kick butt fire today in the wood stove.

2. I got some knitting time in today.

3. I saw the deer out in the yard this evening and was able to toss them some bread.

4. I didn't have to do major cleaning this weekend.

5. Seeing the wynadotte out in the run, hoping someone would come by and give her treats. 

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