Saturday, April 26, 2014

I think I may have turned into a collector

Did all the usual weekend things this morning: tidied the house, cleaned the chicken coop, made sure the babies were all taken care of, wood was chopped.  The sun did come out for a bit.

My guy took a photo of me holding on of the turkeys this morning.

If only they stayed this small and cute.  I'd have a house turkey for sure!

Then we went to town.  On a lark we called the feed store and they still had guineas.

Yes, we got four more guineas.  That makes an even 12. The new ones have found their voice and aren't afraid to use it.  Fortunately they aren't obnoxious.

On the other side of the spectrum ...

 I discovered one of my Americaunas died.  What is wrong?  I wish I knew.  The rest seem fine.   Last year we had such good luck with the chicks. This year we are getting all the curveballs.  One of the gals at the feed store told me last year they ordered 15 and had only six reach maturity. That sounds awful but I'm starting to see how it could happen.

One of our Barred Rocks has pasty butt.  So I had to soak her for a little bit.  Things seem better for her and when I last checked she was laying on top of a turkey and the other Barred Rock who were snuggled together.

Fingers crossed please.

Elvis and the babies are doing great.  The big babies are doing fantastic.  They are so feisty.  The guys found ants and grubs when they were splitting wood.  The big babies got some of them and were fighting and tussling each other for that natural, raw protein.  They are big enough that we think they can be introduced to the main flock.

Tonite we watched "After Earth." I thought it wasn't too bad. My son thought there was an awful lot of dying in it.  He was sad that some of the animals in the movie died.  My guy thought it was predictable.

 Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. Going out to lunch with my boys today.

2. Snuggle time with my son.

3. Snow much snow is gone.

4. My son was such a good helper today

5. Good steaks for supper tonite.  

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