Wednesday, April 30, 2014

In momma bear mode

Elvis is in mama grizzly mode. 

I made a quick run to Menards to pick up a couple totes. One for Elvis and her babies, the other for Grandma P.

I set up the totes and put Elvis in the one and she was fine.  She found the food and ate while I put her babies in with her.

Oh but later, after she kicked pine shavings into the water and tipped over the food plate I went to clean up and restock her food and water she went after my hand and drew blood.  She went into full mama grizzley mode even though I was no where near the babies.

My DH says that since Grandma P is in the room Elvis might sense it or hear Grandma and is on the defense.  The timing is too coincidental because *yesterday* Elvis was just fine.  Heck, she was fine this morning.

So now if I want to take care of her basics I have to wear gloves.

Loverly ...

Thankfully Grandma P seems to be doing just fine. She's such a good girl.  You wouldn't know she's in the house she is so quiet.

Weather is still yucky.  This morning it was snowing and the flakes were HUGE.  No kidding, they were the size of jar lids.

I made the body of my first bunny nugget last night.  I still need to make the ears. This morning I found a small ball of blue worsted weight yarn I forgot I had.  I cast on another bunny nugget on US 3 needles.  So far I've got the body done and look at the difference in sizes.

The blue one is so wee.  The white one is a good size and I'm eager to what they both look like completed.  The only think I'm not looking forward to is putting the faces on.  I'm not very good at that bit.

Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. I am getting better at cooking in cast iron.  I can't believe I didn't have this one on yesterday's list.  Yesterday I fried eggs in my skillet and they didn't stick and I didn't break the yolks!  Go me!

2. Dinner with my little man tonite.

3. At rel. ed tonite (the last class) a gal did a really nice presentation on the Shroud of Turin.  I learned some interesting things. 

4. How quick these bunny nuggets

5. My house is toasty warm right now.

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