Friday, April 25, 2014

Lots of chicken stuff in this one

Yesterday when I came home I was sad to see that we got our lake back.

My poor DH spent quite a bit of time out there setting up the pump and placing the hose so the water would drain away from the house. It pumped all night. 

Oh yeah, did I mention that it snowed again yesterday?  It did. It started as rain and switched over to big fat flakes that made very heavy and wet snow.  So not cool

While I was staring at this lake and hating all the snow we've got this year I heard a roo crow.  It was Buck and I got him on video.  He's got an impressive crow now.

When I looked out the kitchen window, while getting supper started, I noticed one of the resident squirrels running from the house, something in it's mouth, and by the way it was running I could tell he was pretty pleased with himself and thought he'd gotten away with something.

The little bugger did.  He knocked down the suet cake holder that didn't have washers on the hook to prevent him from just pushing the feeder off the screw. 

He *also* figured out what I thought was a sure fire way to keep squirrels from popping open the suet holders and taking the cakes. I put safety pins on to keep it closed.

The safety pin has been popped!  I'll be. If he managed to figure that out I guess he deserves what little scrap of cake that was in there.

This is what my "craft room" currently looks like. Elvis and the babies are in the white box. The guineas are in the tote by the buckets and the chicks and turkeys are in the blue tote by the office chair. Just thought I'd share what their current digs look like.

Tonite I tried to hold a couple of the guineas. They promptly spazzed out and huddled together behind the waterer.

I forgot how they are prone to freaking out over nothing.  Fortunately they haven't found their voices yet.  It was just a mild little "weep-weep" sound.  They are very sweet looking.  It's hard to believe that they will be so ugly when they grow up.

I'd say they are the ultimate clique in the fowl world.  They always stick together.  I can already picture them moving as one through the yard. 

For now, I'll enjoy their cuteness and relative quietness. 

 Here's one of the turkeys.  To me they are so pretty already.  I love how you can see the pattern in their wing feathers already.

Here is the other bronze turkey.  It was falling asleep when I took the photo and woke it up.  

  The white turkey has decided it likes to sit on top of the feeder and stare at the others.

Took this photo of a turkey last night.  It was being adorable and cheeping and falling asleep in my guys hand.  I got video!

I *heart* the little "weep-weep" sound.  I'm sure it won't last long.

 When the turkeys sleep in the tote they sprawl out.  They are comfortable no matter where they are as long as they feel safe.

Here is poor Elvis.  She's still looking pretty frazzled. 

"Why are you taking my photo?"

She is such a pretty girl. We've made sure she's had plenty of access to food and water and I think that she did not lose as much weight this time around.

Elvis with all the babies.  Yes, the runt is still kicking and chasing after it's siblings. DH and I were looking at them and you really can't tell which one had the rough start.  They all tumble around together. 

I thought this image did a nice job of showing off the one chick's colors. 

I kept trying to take a good photo of the babies interacting with mom, but it's not easy.  They are always running around when they aren't snuggled under her.  Elvis has decided the camera is evil. 

The chick in the middle, with it's beak down, is the runt I think. 

When I'm not taking care of the babies I'm kind of wishing I had an easy knitting project to work on.  I probably shouldn't admit this, but I picked up a couple skeins of LionBrand homespun yarn today to make a simple shawl.  Have I started it? No. Too busy with the babies and keeping an eye on the big girls while they are free ranging.  

Tonite they Wynadotte thought it would be a good idea to walk up on to the deck.  I tried to go out and toss her some bread.  I freaked her out.  REALLY freaked her out.  She flew all the way back to the coop and ran in.  Then Red flew to the coop and went in.

Brewster takes his job very seriously.  He stayed out to make sure all the ladies were in. Then followed them in, then took another quick look outside to make sure there was no one outside and they he went in for the night. What a good boy!

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be better than it was today.  Fingers crossed.  We are thinking about getting another load of seasoned wood. There isn't much left out of the seasoned wood we purchased a few months ago.  Not sure what else is in the works. Sitting on the computer won't be I'm pretty sure. 

Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. I had a really fun lunch today with my coworker.  We chatted up a storm and enjoyed each other's company. 

2. I have no mice running around my house.

3. ALL my babies seem to be doing just fine. 

4. How sweet my guy is with all the babies

5. The chairs for my new kitchen table were delivered today.  Now if I could just sell the old table. 

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