Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The day that didn't go as planned

You know, I'm not even sure how to start out this entry.

After I wrote last night's entry I seamed up my Baby Surprise Jacket and it's officially all done.  I really do wish I had made it bigger because I want to see it being worn RIGHT. NOW.

This a.m. I went to town to pick up my order of baby chicks and the order wasn't in just yet so I went and hung out with my MIL for a while.  Then it started snowing. It first started out light but it got heavier and it's STILL snowing.

I met up with my DH and we both went to the feed store real quick to get the babies and decide if we wanted any other baby chicks that were already at the store.  The store had a mixture of Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons and Barred Rocks.

Well guess what?  Our order didn't come in. :-(  It will probably be there tomorrow, they say.  So I wasn't coming home completely empty handed we did buy two Barred Rocks.  They've slept for most of the day.  They are set up in a brooder box in the craft room, right next to the tote Elvis is set up in. 

Elvis didn't know what to make of the baby cheeps.  Their noise caught her attention and she kept looking around.

Meanwhile, the snow continued on.

Then it was time to go get my son from Latchkey and the roads were pretty bad and visibility was poor.  I got there and back home in one piece. When my DH got home he told me that he passed a car that had gone into the ditch.

I wouldn't be one bit surprised if they decide to cancel school tomorrow.

Tomorrow I promise there will be pictures.  The pictures I took of the new babies tonite did not turn out well. Trust me, they are adorable.

Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. I still came home with baby chicks even though it wasn't my order.  I really enjoy having them in the house -- until their little poo becomes big stinky poo.

2. A new crafting project was started tonite.  But it's a sekrit so no details yet.

3. Easter goodies for my son has been purchased.

4. Visiting with my MIL today. 

5. It was a good egg day.

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