Thursday, April 17, 2014

The babies are here!

The snow came down all night as far as I can tell. We got at a foot of fresh snow.  I have decided purgutory will be a constant snow storm and need to shovel, but I digress.

This was my car this a.m. Last night I had brushed it off but you can't tell.

I'm sad to say that one of the baby chicks didn't make it through the night.  A couple hours before bedtime I noticed she was very lethargic and breathing pretty rapidly.  I've come to recognize when a chick or chicken isn't long for this world. Told my DH that I would be amazed if it made it through the night and he seemed surprised.

I felt just awful that the other chick had been left alone.  There was no way I could tuck her in with Elvis and it was going to be several hours, at least, if I was able to get at least one other chick or if my order of chicks came in.

As much as I would have loved to, I couldn't carry her around with me today. So I thought of the next best thing.  A lovey. I knit my son a few stuffed chicks some time ago and I put one of those in the tote.  When I checked on the baby an hour or so later she was snuggled up next to it.  It was so darling!  I tried to get a photo, but you know how that goes.  This was the best I could do.  The lovey had been flipped around so I know she had done something with/to it.

Note to future self: Always buy at least three chicks, just in case one doesn't make it.

Since the plow didn't go by in time I wasn't able to go to work or bring my son to latchkey on time. The school buses were only running on the main ways so I knew the "back roads" were not high on the priority list this time around.  I tried to access my work email and my computer.  Nada to either.  Server must have been down. I decided to heck with it and kept my son home, made some pancakes for breakfast and spent most of the day cleaning and getting the house ready for Easter.  Tomorrow I'll try and access my work computer and get an idea of where we stand for publishing day.

About midday I called the feed store and asked if they had chicks available.  They did. So I went out to my car and proceeded to shovel it out and start it up. Then, just to be safe, I threw the snow shovel in the back of my car.  At the rate this winter is going I felt it was a must.

The drive to town was interesting. My son and I stopped and had lunch before going to the feed store.

 My chick order was in -- Yay -- and I had my son pick out another Barred Rock chick.

They all seem healthy and happy.  No signs of distress. Just some happy chirping.  The cheeps are causing all kinds of confusion for Elvis, who looks like she's ready for her eggs to hatch. ...  Any day my sweet little mama, any day.

I did try and introduce her to the lone Barred Rock this a.m. Nothing happened because I didn't let the baby go. Elvis was giving the chick the hairy eye.

The big babies didn't spent much time outside today.  Not that it was very cold, I think they didn't feel like walking in the snow that got into their chicken run. 

Meanwhile when the big girls heard me outside I could hear them raising a ruckus so I opened the door to their chicken run and I kept seeing the Wynadotte poke her head out when she heard me walking around.  If I had treats I'm sure she would have come running. 

My new kitchen table was supposed to be delivered today. I wonder if FedEx runs on Good Friday. 

Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. I got all my baby chicks home safe and sound. 

2. Spending the day with my boy.  We had fun together. 

3. The pretty sunset this evening.

4. I found my MP3 player

5. Everyone made it there and back again, safe and sound.


Kristyn McCain said...

The new babies are so cute!

Kelsbels said...

The new babies are adorable! Like puppies and kittens, you wish they could always stay this small and cute! Come to think of it, there are times I wish my girls were still babies and small and cute. :)

Glad everyone stayed safe today!

Amnicon Studio said...

Thank you :-) @Kristyn, I just love this age for chicks. They are so rough and tumble one second and then fall asleep in an instant, while standing.

@Kelsbels, I agree on both counts :-) It's hard to see my little man growing up but I'm so proud of what he's growing up to be.