Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I was a fool ...

I really was a fool to think that once spring was official that the weather would magically change and we wouldn't have to worry about snow anymore.

Yeah, I was wrong ...

We had rain, sleet and snow last night.  More snow this a.m. Thursday or Friday is supposed to be the start of another weather system which has to potential to dump up to a foot of snow on the area.

All this icy bits of death from the sky after a perfectly lovely weekend. 

Saturday -- you guessed it -- we split and stacked more wood. 

The original pile has shrunk down so much. 

I'd say two more weekends at the most and this pile will be gone. Then it will be time to turn attention to the garden. IF the snow ever leaves.

My son was also taking advantage of the nice weather this weekend and practiced his slam dunk.

The monster snow pile does make it easy for him. 

Saturday we also set the babies out in the nursery coop.

They spent most of Saturday actually in the coop and not much time out in the chicken run. 


I was so nervous the first night they were out.  They are handling it like champs. My little roo pops his head out of the door and crows. It's so cute.


 I know they are much happier out there than they are in their tote in the house.

I spent some time with the big girls and Brewster.  I opened the door to the run and let them have access to the outside.  My Wynadotte is so eager to have scratch that she was the only one to venture out in to the snow to get it. 

Sunday I broke in the new dutch oven and made some beef stew on the wood stove. That turned out really yummy. It was my first time making beef stew and my DH proclaimed it almost as good as his mom's.

Monday I took this photo in the a.m. before the weather changed.

Tomorrow we will have a house guest.  Elvis started brooding and she's sitting on a lot of eggs.  She's growling (a sure sign of broodiness) and fluffing up when she thinks you were going to mess with her.  I'm so excited at the thought of more baby chicks.  If these one's hatch out they will be about a week younger than the babies we will be picking up on April 15.

Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1.  I'm getting better are getting the wood stove going

2. Elvis is going to be a mommy again. 

3. My kindle

4. My wrist is feeling better

5. Soon we will have more baby chicks running around.

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Kelsbels said...

Big UGH on more snow. That is just not fair. You guys are kicking butt on that pile of wood. I bet you're going to be so happy when that project is done!

I had to LOL at the picture of your son "slam dunking". :)

And big YAY to potential new chicks!