Thursday, May 1, 2014

Yay, it sold!

A couple weeks ago we put our kitchen table up for sale because we bought a table that matches our kitchen better and it fits our space just a bit better.

The table sold tonite, finally.  I was surprised we didn't get more calls on it.  It was a good price and a quality table and four chairs. 

Well, I finally got to place my new table in it's proper place tonite.

When I pulled into the driveway this evening I saw our neighbor's duck was back. He was finding good stuff in the woods I guess. He seems to be pretty happy being a loner. That's fine with us.

About 7 p.m. or so I saw him waddle on back home. 

Since we were fortunate enough to sell the table tonite I didn't get much time for knitting on the bunny nuggets. I did get to make the ears for the white one and attach them.

Next step will be to put the face on.  I haven't decided what I want to do just yet. I'm also starting to wonder if I should pick up a pom pom maker. 

Elvis is still feisty.  The turkeys are still being sweet and adorable.  The guineas are just starting to make the sounds that will drive you nuts when they get older.  Grandma P is doing well and her back end is doing okay. Elvis' babies are cute little puff balls. 

The temps were close to 50 degrees F tonite so the big girls were able to go out for a bit tonite.  They were happy to stretch their legs.  My poor Blackie is molting.  The coop has got a bunch of her feathers on the floor. I told Brewster that be better take good care of her.

Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. My table sold!

2. Tomorrow is Friday.

3.  I rocked it at work today.

4. Life is good

5. This song.

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