Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I want my craft room back

This morning my DH tells me "Your little angel tried to take a chunk out of my hand"

My "little angel?"

He was referring to Elvis.  I guess he was trying to clean some stuff out of her box (without a glove) and she tried to take him out.

So maybe she *hasn't* mellowed out.

Then when we checked on Grandma she tried to jump out of the tote.  She's got some power behind her wings.  She knocked things all a flutter.  When I was taking care of her I discovered an egg. 

It was a bit sad to find out she doesn't lay blue eggs like we always thought.  I guess Blackie is the only blue egg layer. It also proves it really was her laying the ocassional two eggs in a day.

Grandma's back end is doing good.  The feathers are coming in nicely.  As you can see in the photo, she literally has no tail. 

Work was quiet today. I spent a big chunk of it listening to podcasts.

I was telling one of the gals at work about the cookies I make that the boys argue over.  She was intrigued and told me the next time I make them I *must* bring her one to try out.  I told my guy what she said and he scoffed and told me that if he won't even let his son have one of the cookies what chance does she think she has?  That was pretty funny to me.

I'm thinking of surprising my son and making him cookies tomorrow. If he doesn't irritate me to death tonite.

The deer came back tonite.  I thought ahead and got some bread out before they got to the yard.  I glanced up and saw one trotting into the yard expectantly. 

Oh! There's the bread.   These deer are still pretty scrawny looking.

Mmm, tastes like ... bread. 

Don't the eyes look sad in this one?

My guy did some more work on the guinea and turkey shelter.  It's all done except for a door.  Woo hoo!

We expect that the chickens may decide to spend some time in there come summer. 

Tonite we put the Wynadotte in with the bigger babies.  We did this when we first got Elvis and her flockmates; putting one of the hens from the original flock in with the newbies. It helped when we introduced them all to each other and integrated the flock more quickly. 

Well ... yeah.  The bigger babies did not like it and the white chicken managed to knocked the food container over.  The whole time the Wynadotte paced and the babies ran into the shelter. Cause, you know, the Wynadotte *looked* at them. 

 At one point they were all in the shelter together.  I heard a yelp and all the babies burst out of the opening.  The Wynadotte followed and didn't seem very happy.  

Blackie and Red are like "Glad it's not us stuck having to babysit the babies."

Speaking of babies ... I managed to get some photos. That is after I got over my shock of how dusty my craft room has gotten.  Perhaps it's because I have so much surface in the craft room but I sure don't remember the babies last year doing this.  I'm itching to dust but I know that is a losing battle until the babies get put outside.  I'm pushing for the end of May, unless the temperatures do a miraculous warm up in the next week or so.

This photo of the guineas makes me smile.  The camera flash startled the one and it jumped. 

I don't think there is any down left on these guys.  They still scurry like rats when you take care of there food and water.  When they scurry I go "It's the cops! Cheese it"  (Futurama quote)

The turkeys have grown quiet a bit. Not much down left on those birds either.  There wingspan is HUGE for such little guys.  My MIL warned my guy that we shouldn't get too attached to the turkeys. I have no idea if turkeys stay sweet when they get bigger or if they turn into jerks.  If they turn into jerks it will be easier come butchering time. 

You'll notice there is always one turkey always keeping an eye out. The Americaunas are feathering out pretty too.  The Barred Rock seems to be pretty mellow.


They seem to be a pretty close bunch.

The turkey that is always looking is the same turkey that tries to jump out when I move the screen to take care of their water and food.  He's a smart one.

And then there is my "angel" Elvis.  You can see the evil eye when you look at her.

The last couple times I took care of her food and water she didn't bush up at me. 

The babies are starting to show their true feathers.  I haven't picked any up.  Don't dare to for fear of incurring the wrath of Mama.  I have no idea if we have any more roos. 

I think this is my favorite photo of the evening.  One of the babies standing on mama's back while the rest of snuggling.

My son snuggled with *his* turkey again tonite.

It still impresses me that the turkeys are happy to just sit and snuggle.  The turkey sat like this for a long time while we were watching TV.

This one still has a bit of downy stuff. The wing feathers are hanging pretty low, however.

Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. I got my snow tires off the car today.  

2. I found two packs of 32 ounce bottles of Bolthouse Farms juice/smoothy stuff up at Sam's for $2.98.  $2.98 for two.  What a deal!

3.  My guy doing such a quick job of putting the critter shelter together. 

4. How balmy the temp was when I got home.  Almost 60 degrees F and barely any wind. 

5. This video of my guy on the ATV trails near our house.  Him and his buddy had a ton of fun putting the machines through the paces. 

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