Saturday, May 10, 2014

Confusion in the barn yard

But first let me show you a video of a baby turkey falling asleep. 

Adorable, right? I took this last night.

Right after I took this photo and proclaimed him a baby unicorn.

Seriously, who would have thunk these guys would be such sweethearts?

"Who are you calling a unicorn?"

Last night we put Elvis back out in the coop. I brought her out just as I was tucking the big girls in for the night. Elvis weights as much as a pile of feathers.  I shut the light off in the coop and tucked her up on the perch.  She tried to snuggle with one of the Rhode Island Reds, which was a bit surprising.  I thought it meant that it would be a smoother reintegration to the flock this time.  

Nope, not so much.  She's running the gauntlet again and will have to fight her way back through the ranks.  Every once in a while you would hear her make a little shriek and you just knew that someone decided to smack her around.

Today we decided to put the guineas, turkeys, the barred rock and the americaunas out in the new shelter.  It was supposed to be a nice day and it was.  I think they enjoyed it muchly.

For a long time they just sat and took it all in. I realize now that I didn't get a photo of the guineas.  Though you can about guess how they reacted when they were first put in.

The temps are not supposed to dip too low tonite so the guineas are spending their first night out there.  We have them in a small shelter in the shelter and they have a pretty sweet set up.

During the day when the babies and turkeys would make cheep sounds it caused Elvis a bit of distress.  She kept looking for her babies and every time she found food she would make that mother call trying to let *someone* know that there was food to eat.

"Babies!? Where are you?  I'll find you!"
 I know in a few weeks she will be over this.  Then a few weeks after that she will probably go broody again. 

"Where are you babies?"

 When it was time to get ready for bed look who was cozying up to Brewster?

 You'll notice *someone* doesn't look too happy.

Other happenings today including seeing a bird hanging out in our front yard lake. 

 A woodpecker was eating at the feeders. I spotted the first Rose breasted Grosbeak yesterday.


The boys took me to lunch today for an early Mother's Day meal.  So sweet!  We ran to Menard*s, picked up a few things, including a grapevine, then came back to the homestead. 

Did I mention that the temps hit 70 degrees F today?  It was great! 

Throughout the day the boys worked on wood splitting and tree cutting.  We had a near mishap with a rotten birch but things are okay.  I think.  I haven't looked since the birch was cleaned up. 

I got the garden started today. I planted beets, carrots, broccoli, snap peas, lettuce, and cabbage. 

A blanket slate, just waiting for me. 

The whole time I was puttering I was thinking "This is great!" I was able to get the garden started and I wasn't feeling overwhelmed that I needed to get it ALL done in one day.  As much as I wanted to have a game plan for this -- I didn't.

The company we got the dirt from was recommended to us as having really good dirt.  I'm eager to see how this growing season goes.  I suppose I have another week or two before I can put in the rest of the stuff I want.

Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. Getting some free firewood today.

2. The boys taking me out to lunch today.

3. How incredibly gorgeous it was today. 

4. The sounds of nature.

5. The marigold Vance planted for me for mother's day.

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