Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bicycle, bicycle. I want to ride my bicyle ...

Today was a work-at-home day and I took advantage of the nice weather and went for a bike ride at lunch time.  I am really out of shape. However, my new bike rocks! I can go up the little hills without having to stop. I'm still getting a hang of the shifting system.

Then, after supper, the whole family went for a bike ride..My son didn't put bug spray on so when we stopped he was eaten alive by mosquitoes.  He also gives me some anxiety when I watch him ride his bike because he's all over the place.  In my head I know the only way he is going to get better at bike riding is practice, but still ... my baby is all wibbly-wobbly on his bike.  I usually end up putting my head down so I can't see it.

In no particular order, photos from both my bike rides today.

I live in such a pretty area.  Remind me of that come July and it's HOT, :-)

Otherwise it was a pretty quiet day. All the chickens are fine. Well ... Brewster has taken to sleeping on top of the food bucket in the coop.

I was listening to a plethora of podcasts from the Survival Mom Radio network and one of the podcasters mentioned how it's very hard for Roos when there are more than a couple.  They have to really fight for their place in the pecking order.  I hate to see any of them getting picked on.  I wish they would play nice with each other.

A few of the other podcasts gave me a bit to think about.  It was all really interesting stuff.

For supper we had a jar of the hamburger that I processed this weekend.  Pretty darn tasty and oh so tender. I threw in some TVP to bulk it up a bit and it was a hit.

The weekend weather forecast has rain. I had better get the rest of the garden planted so I can take advantage of the rain. I'm happy to see the snap peas popping up.  In past years very few pea pods have made it out of the garden.  We pluck them off the plant and eat the whole pod.  I think it's better than candy.  The pods are just the right amount of sweet and it satisfies that itch.

Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy

1. Getting myself out for two bike rides today and I didn't die.

2. There are two of those Indigo buntings coming to the bird feeder.

3. My feet no longer hurt.

4. My DH made more jerky and it is so good.

5. This song: I like to move it, move it.  

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