Sunday, May 4, 2014

"Risking my life"

Today was a beautiful day.  It took a little bit to warm up but it go there and it was glorious. I had all the windows open for most of the day. 

My guy started the day teasing me when I woke up.  He had read yesterday's blog entry and just had to razz me a little bit.  All in good fun.

I waited until the temps warmed up a just a bit more and with my guy *ahem* encouraging me, I started planting the asparagus roots that I've had since March.

About midmorning we went and got more fire wood. Back at home my son wanted to make a game out of unloading the truck.  He decided he was "risking his life" jumping up on the back of the truck, grabbing a log and then jumping off. 

He was hilarious!

It was hard to get photos of him.  He has his mom's aversion to having his photo taken.  When he realized I was taking photos he hid behind the wheelbarrow until I promised I was done taking photos.

Today we decided to open the little coop and let the big babies come out and stretch their wings if they want. 

It  didn't go quite how I thought it would.  They were scared to come out and once they did the big girls paid them little attention but enough to scare them.

"The world is a scary place. I can't believe you let us go out there!"

At one point Ms. Tailed-Red hopped up into the babies coop and harassed my sweet little Buck. 

I chased Tailed-Red out and the white chicken came running out of the hutch with an attitude of "That's right! You get your sorry butt out of here and don't come back"  That chicken is so sassy.  Unfortunately she got her butt kicked a little later on.

"We run this barnyard."

I took a quick video of Brewster walking around the yard.  He has such an awkward gait that I have to share. We call this his "pimp walk."

And the new critter shelter is almost complete.  A good chunk of time was put into it but materials ran out. There is no urgency since the babies are still in brooder totes.

It's good to have a guy who loves doing this sort of thing :-).

My son pitched in with cleanup and he got to use the new wheelbarrow.  He got a kick out of it.

I used this wheelbarrow earlier in the day to haul around firewood. It is such a timesaver!

"Taking my picture again? MOM!"

The frogs are out.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear them yesterday.  We have a pond-type pond behind the house.  Frogs like to hang out back there.

Tonite the boys handled a few of the turkeys and chickens while we were watching tv.

My son had the lone Barred Rock.  I think her name is going to be Bob.  I'm letting my son pick the names this year. 

My guy was holding one of the turkeys.  This one in particular is pretty docile and while it was being held, the turkey snuggled it's head down under my DH's arm and fell asleep.  Everyone say "Awwww"

It's supposed to rain for most of next week.  Kind of a let down after this glorious day.

Daily 5 of things that made me happy today
1. Hearing the frogs.
2.  That beautiful sun!

3. I started reading "Allegiant" tonite.

4. Sitting and watching the girls run around the yard

5. Not having to cook supper tonite.

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