Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Someone is feeling sassy today

We let Grandma P back out this evening.  Since the feather eater (aka Barred Rock) is in exile with the babies we felt that Grandma's luscious booty feathers were safe.

Let me tell you, she was working it this evening and strutting with her wee little tail.

She is very proud of it.  Not that I'm one to usually be taking pictures of naked chicken rear ends I share this one to show the pin feathers that are coming in and you can hardly see any skin. She no longer looks like she's wearing buttless chaps.

The other girls, Elvis in particular, tried to haze Grandma P when she first got back in the yard.  Elvis is *tiny* compared to this big girl.  It was all over pretty quickly. 

Brewster was momentarily smitten with her and was doing his best to impress her.   I took a quick video but I'm not happy with the quality of it up on youtube.

Brewster tried and tried and Grandma wouldn't pay him much attention.  She finally acquiesced and was officially a member of the flock again. 

"I see you trying to sneak a peek!"

Elvis had some snuggle time with me when I first got home.   Every once in a while I would hear her shriek after someone pecked her. 

Brewster was feeling pretty proud of himself.  We got the big babies out of the coop and tried to help them mingle with the big girls but they weren't having any of that.  Brewster caught sight or smell of Buck and started crowing and establishing territory.

Red was doing her own thing tonite. 

Tonite I cleaned out the pine shavings in all the babies' totes.  I'm guessing we got at least two more weeks with them in the house.

The turkeys are getting HUGE. 

When I was moving Elvis' babies form one tote to another one of the little buggers bit me.  It didn't hurt. I was more surprised than anything.  They are fearless.

Knitting did happen tonite. I got the ears onto the third bunny nugget that I'm working on.  These two need faces and all three need to be stuffed. 

I got a couple books from the library today.  I'm excited about these two books.  I've heard good things about both.  

Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. Grandma is back among her friends.  She was a good girl while she was in the house.

2. The two books above.  I can't wait to start reading through the recipes and ideas.

3. All the broody totes are clean.

4. Watermelon. Yes, we picked up a watermelon this weekend.  It's really good.

5. This song.  I picked up a season of Axe Men from the library and when Shelby showed up on the screen, this some came to mind. 

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