Monday, May 19, 2014

Some hilarity and some seriousness business

Typical Monday, I didn't want to get out of bed.

While I was getting my coffee ready I noticed a bird at the feeder.  I think I've seen this type of bird before but I'm drawing a bit of a blank. It's a beautiful blue.

It was publishing day and it was typical for publishing day.  We got out on time.

On the way home my son was using my phone to listen to music and my guy texted me.  My son read the message and I told him to reply so he went through the motions of using Siri to reply.  He doesn't have much experience using Siri to send text messages.  I told him what to say and he repeated it but it didn't work out so well.  Actually, it was *really* funny.  Unfortunately an instance of "You had to be there." Lets see if I can recap it.

I told my son what to say, he repeated it to the phone and the message sent and I could hear him going "Oh no!" followed by "Send text to ____"

He proceed to talk to the phone like he was having a phone conversation instead of talking to a machine. 

"Dad, that last message was from mom, but I repeated what she said because I wasn't sure if Siri heard it ..." and he continued until the phone beeped at him and asked if he wanted to send it.  I don't know what happened because the message did send and it made no sense.  He ended up calling his dad and explaining it. 

To hear the whole exchange had me laughing so hard.

My DH asked me if I had read the message.  I pulled over so I could read it.  Yes, it was amusing.

The blurred out parts are names.

When I got home I went out real quick to check on the chickens and see how the big babies fared.  Honk now has a busted beak. I don't see any blood but he looks like he's been through 18 rounds. I'm feeling sad about the whole thing. 

It was decided to dispatch the Barred Rock.  This a.m. she was walking around the chickens and plucking feathers off them like she was at a buffet. This has been a long time coming and none of us feel real attached to this bird.  It was quick and humane. We kind of joked that a cloud of feathers would pop out of her when my DH started prepping her for the stew pot.

When both my DH and I went out to tuck the chickens in we had a minor scare.  Grandma P's baby was missing.  We looked all over around the coop.  Turns out she was already *in* the coop.  She was hiding behind the feed bucket.

Tonite I also took back my craft room.  I spent at least two hours cleaning, dusting and getting stuff out of there.  It looks SO much better.  Smells better too. Elvis' second batch of babies are still in there but their tote has new pine shavings.  There was so much dust from the pine shavings.  Note to self: If we have broody babies in the house again, cover everything in the craft room with a tarp. WAY too many items in that room that need to be hand cleaned. *blerg*

Both my men must have had hard days.  They both fell asleep in the living room. My son rarely falls asleep early.  Course too, it's so damp and dreary we fired up the wood stove to take the dampness out of the air and the heat feels really nice.

I want to mark this day and remind myself down the road that today my friend's daughter is in the hospital delivering her first child. This is my friend's first grandchild and I'm so very excited for her.

Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. Temps almost in the 50s when I woke up.

2. No major hiccups for this publishing day.

3. My craft room is nearly mine again.

4.  Lunch with my guy today.

5. I found out today that there was  "Ruby Red" movie made. It's in German. That was such a fun book to read.  I hoped it would get made into a movie. Too bad I can't understand it.

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