Thursday, May 8, 2014

Huh, who knew ...

I've been listening the Canning Season podcast the last few days. This morning, on the way to work, I was listening to episode 20 with Kevin West. Mr. West talks about the trends he's been seeing the last few years. A few years ago it was the "summer of jam." The next year it was the "summer of pickling" and now it's the year of lacto-fermination"  Interesting. Not that I've ever been one to follow trends, but interesting.

Nothing very exciting going on today.  We had rain all night and woke up to an even *bigger* lake in the front. 

Then there was some thundering this evening. Some of it pretty close.  Felt like the house shook.

Work was fairly quiet and it was good for being able to get caught up on a few things.

At lunchtime I went out to the stores because I was on the hunt for placemats.  Not just any, a specific kind.  I found the type I wanted but the pattern was not me.

I do believe this is the first of the greenhouses that start popping up this time of year.  Notice how it's pretty much empty?  Still not warm enough for plants.

On the way home there was some fog.  Lovely. Today was definitely "colder by the lake."

Even though the pump went all day the lake was still there.  The rain started pouring and the lake grew by leaps and bounds. At least three times my guy had to go out and readjust the pump because the bucket tipped over.  I think leaves were clogging up the holes. I have a very unhappy guy that had to keep going out in the rain.

I did have time for some knitting tonite.  While we were watching Survivor I sewed the ears onto the second bunny nugget

The face will be next.  I need to find my polyfil stuffing stuff and I can stuff both bunnies and start a third one.

Otherwise it was a pretty low-key evening.

Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. This video that one of my friends shared on FB,

2. This Meme made me and a few friends chuckle.

Though with me and my DH, I'm not sure who would be saying what.

3. My "darling son" wrote me a letter.

4. I made chicken fettuccine tonite and it turned out awesome!

5. My guy recently told me that I'm so beautiful I don't need makeup :-)



Kelsbels said...

OK...have to know...what is lacto-fermentation?

And have to love a man who says sweet, wonderful things like that!

Amnicon Studio said...

I'm not sure. I think it's the fancy word for making sauer kraut. I have a feeling our friend Steph would know and be able to educate us :-)