Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day to me

Today I woke up to the sound of Grandma P making chicken noises and Nyan cat.  I was not sure how the day was going to go.  Grandma P's feathers are doing fabulous.  I can tell she's getting a little eager to spread her wings.

Fortunately for me this was a fantastic day!

When I got up and went into the kitchen my son came around the corner and said "Happy Mother's Day!" to me and handed me a very sweet card he made in school.

I asked him "Where's my coffee and breakfast?" He got this mildly panicked look on his face and said that he didn't know how to cook and asked if I liked cereal.  I gave him a hug and went out to the living room and sat on the couch so I could check out my card.

The inside included a picture he drew of me.  He did a really great job.

The card says:

My Mom

Mom has thick black hair. Most of the time when I see her she wears purple and black stripes. She is very pretty. Quite often my mom wears purple socks. She always wears black pants. 

My mom knits alot. She makes little blankets and wash cloths quite often. Every night she posts a blog about our chickens mostly. At the end of each blog she does a daily 5 things of the day that made her happy!

My mom always calls me, "Sugar booger." Whenever I hold one of our baby chicks she says "Oh, look at that snuggle butt!" Or "Hey snuggle butt!" Whenever I lay down holding a chicken and let it sit on my belly my mom says, "Hey, cutie pie!"

She is the best mom ever!!!

*That* brought me great joy today. 

My DH promised me a new bike since I don't do so well on my current one.  Now I get the fun of picking out a new one.  I can't wait!

Speaking of chickens ... :-)

The guineas made it safe and sound sleeping outside last night.  They eventually made it out of the shelter and then cowered in the corner of the main shelter. 

We brought the turkeys and the Barred Rock and Americaunas out again. This was later on in the day. They all mix together all right at certain times of the day.  Other times they are two distinct "factions"  We've decided that the guineas are Dauntless.  The turkeys and the others are probably Abnegation.

This was another gorgeous day.  The guys cut and split some wood while I did some outdoor chores.

The big babies are still to scared to  leave their coop.  At some point I may have to grab them and put them in the bigger coop, or something.

That naughty, naughty Barred Rock nipped another fresh feather on No-Tailed Red and now the Barred Rock is "babysitting" with the babies.  The babies are, pardon the pun, too chicken to put the newcomer in her place. 

My guy checked the Fleet Farm flyer and chicken feed is on sale so we headed down to Rice Lake.

We stopped at the usual places: Aldi's, Fleet Farm, Gordy's and stocked up.  

My son reading up on all the different chicken breeds.

At the Fleet Farm I *finally* found myself a pair of mudders that were a decent price.  We also found a pair of mudders for my son. Just in time, he has a field trip next week and they recommend the kids have rainboots.

 My son surprised me today by taking us out to lunch, in my honor.  We went to pizza hut and he paid for it with his own money.  True story! :-)  He's a good little saver so he could pull it off.

 After we got back home and my guy and I were doing some yard clean up I spotted my son hanging out with Brewster.  Brewster is a good roo. We really lucked out with him and his temperament.

I got another surprise this evening.  My guy ordered me an egg incubator!  Oh! So flipping cool!  Not that Elvis isn't a good broody mom but now we can hatch out more than six at a time. I can even start scouring Craig's List for fertilized eggs or maybe order them,.  Not sure on that part yet.

No knitting has been done the last few days. I did pick myself up a Pom Pom maker today, finally.

Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. The card my son made for me for Mother's Day. It's a keeper!

2. My guy treating me like a queen and spoiling me rotten.

3. I'm getting an incubator!

4. The weather was so great today. It has been worth the wait.

5. Elvis wanted snuggles tonite when I went out to tuck them in. She's happy to sit on my arm for a minute or two and then I lift my arm back up to the perch and she climbs back up there.

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