Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Brewster is on my list

I decided to take the day off from work.  There were things I wanted to do around the house and things I needed to get in town.

I went to Menard*s this morning and got some fence posts and 2 x 4s.

The 2 x 4s were two pallets high and the front facing row on the top pallet decided it needed to collapse while I was picking out the 2 x 4s.  I hadn't even touched the pile when it fell.  Thankfully I jumped back in enough time so I wouldn't get my shins and feet beat up.

When I went to shut the door on my truck I grabbed somewhere that had a pointy spot and it mildly gauged my hand. Not cool truck, not cool!

On the bright side I picked up my new bike today! And I just realized now I didn't take a picture of it.

Went back home, let the chickens out and decided to go do some yard work.  The wheelbarrow was by the coop so I walked over to get it and Grandma P was in a panic and running around trying to escape Brewster.  This was new behavior for her and I thought she just didn't want Brewster's attention.  He chased her into the run and into the coop.  She ran back out and a few chickens got in the way so he couldn't harass her.

However, as he was chasing her out of the coop he had yanked a feather out of her back end and she yelped.

That bugger was eating her brand new feathers! 

My poor Grandma P.  I shooed him away and told him to leave her alone.  A few of the other chickens stuck around by her, possibly protecting her, though I kind of doubt that.

Long story short half of her new feathers are gone.  Plucked gone.

We've got Grandma P separated again, but out in the new shelter, with the Wynadotte. We are fairly certain that the Wynadotte isn't a feather eater.

Seriously, I was so upset with Brewster that I wanted to go yank out some of his feathers.

I did some yard work and managed to break a plastic shovel I was using. ... That was about the point I decided I should just call it a day and forget trying to be productive.  My head was hurting anyways.

So I went inside, threw a load of laundry in and proceeded to watch Buffy episodes. That show is kind of campy, but it made me laugh.

My DH got a new tool tonite and decided to try it out.  It's for cleaning chimneys.  He took the top piece off and cleaned that out and then cleaned the rest.  It worked pretty slick.

Since he had the top piece and the cap off he decided we should try cleaning the creosote off.  

There is a cleaning product called "Awesome" and it lives up to its name.  It cleans *everything*  This was pretty gross before getting sprayed with the product and now it's shiny clean again. 

Now our stack is nice and shiny too!

Tonite I used my pom pom maker for the first time and I'm pleased with the results. 

Look! Bunny tails!

These just need to be stuffed and they are good to go.

The incubator is set to be delivered on Friday.  I already have a lead on a local source for some fertilized eggs.  I'm getting more and more excited.

Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. I got my new bike today and my "good" seat is already on it.

2. Getting some yard work done. Just means less to do later on.

3. The sun came out for the majority of the day.

4. I saw hummingbirds today!

5. Having the day off from work.

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