Monday, May 12, 2014

A dreary day

Dreary day, dreary day go away.

I guess I should be happy it's not snowing. 

It's almost the middle of the month and we still have the wood stove going.  How is that even okay?

I was worried about the guineas all day.  When I got home I did a quick check on them.  They were all huddled in the corner so I thought "Okay, they are fine."

No, not fine.  One died. Not sure if it spazzed out to death, the weather or what.  In all honesty, with how those critters crawl all over themselves when they are scared I wouldn't be surprised if it got trampled while they experienced their own version of mass hysteria.

 The guineas are back in the house.  We got to hear them trill a bit, they were so happy.

Everyone else is doing just fine.

Tonite when I went out to tuck the big girls in Elvis heard me and came out to the run.  I think she would have come out and sat with me for a bit if it hadn't been so damp out.  I closed up the run and went in the coop to tell them all good night and shut the light off.

Elvis wanted some snuggles, I could tell. I bent over and offered her my arm and she jumped up and we cooed at each other for a bit. 

I whipped out my smart phone and took a bad selfie with her. The lighting is horrid in there. Good enough to help their circadian rhythem so they produce eggs when they aren't molting. 

The other girls are still pecking at her. She's still running the gauntlet, so to speak.

I went to check on the big babies and they were out of food.  I opened the door to fill their food and I could have grabbed each one of them and got them out of the coop.  They didn't seem concerned at all that they were in easy reach. I'm guessing the Barred Rock is harassing them good. 

Yes, the Barred Rock is still in there.  She's looking as shrewish as ever.

The deer are still coming around.  I have a plan to get them to come to the back yard and eat.  It's gonna take time since I can see they just go through the front yard and not around to the back.  Right now I'm watching one eat near the front of the house.  I am amazed these deer are still alive.  They are incredibly emaciated. This one is very skittish.  It was eager to come running when it saw I was throwing bread out but I better not try to talk to it. Major no-no.

Oh yeah, the ticks are out.  My guy found a deer tick on his pants yesterday and a wood tick was crawling on my arm yesterday. 

Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. I bought myself a waffle maker today. I haven't had waffles in so very long. The last time was probably before I had my son.  No kidding.

2. All the barnyard birds are safe. 

3. Chili for supper tonite.  A perfect meal on this damp, dreary day

4.  The wood stove. Otherwise we'd be all chilled and miserable

5. Having time for knitting tonite.

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Kelsbels said...

Oh those ticks! They're out here too. Found one on my brother's dog the other day. :(