Friday, May 16, 2014

A little bit of this and that

Not much going on today so I will share some random stuff around the homestead. The weather was pretty decent and the sun came out this afternoon.

Brewster peeking around the coop, looking for Blackie.  Yes, he's still on my list. I learned something new about being "alpha" to roosters and discovered that he considers me and my DH to be the alphas of the group.  Nice to know.  Sets my mind at ease that he won't be ninja kicking us any time soon.

Nothing up in the garden yet. Maybe another week and I will see something definite. We have plans to put the fence up this weekend. 

The false morels are out. Oh how I wish they were real morels.  That would be heaven because these guys are popping up all over the place. We would have quite the bounty.

A peek into the Jack Pines swamp before everything buds out and the grass grows tall. 

Our tiny log pile.  There are 53 logs left out of close to 1,000. It's about seven feet wide, I'm guessing.  Maybe five more loads, at the most, then we will be D-O-N-E, done!

 The saw dust is how long the pile was when this whole venture first started.

A little bit of whimsy with my metal cat that is sitting on the stump of the birch tree that was taken down last fall. He's getting a nice bit of color. 

Columbines are poking up. A nice little bit of spring. At least something is coming up, right?  

My new bike. Yes, I still have tags on it.  That's how I keep it fresh. (Inside joke)

It's Elvis' turn to spend the night with Grandma P. Grandma is all calm in the background.  Elvis was pacing and pacing. I tried taking a photo of Grandma and Elvis decided she needed to photobomb. Note the look of concern on her face. 

A hummingbird *way* up in the tree. We have a feeder out but I don't see any birds actually checking it out. 

The big babies foraging behind the coops.  They were a pain to put to bed tonite. I had to call for help and drag my DH and son out after they were all settled in for the night.  My son caught the gray one all by himself.  He's very proud of having done that. Buck and the grey and orange one figured out how to get into the coop themselves.

I'm a bit peeved that my incubator didn't come today. Shipping was delayed due to the fires in California.  The shipping company didn't bother to update that bit until today.   We are picking up eggs tomorrow.  Fingers crossed on this.

I haven't started the fourth bunny nugget yet.  AND I still haven't started the canning recipe books that I got from the library.  Too much stuff going on I guess.  I've got two more weeks before needing to return the books.

Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. We have a good head start for publication Monday next week.

2. Visiting with my MIL this afternoon and gossiping chatting up a storm.

3.  Milkshakes

4. Listening to my son giggle about a prank that he thought was hilarious but wasn't really.  It's the little things, ya know.

5. Seeing the chickens come running when my DH yelled "treat, treat!"  Yeah, they know what that words means.

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