Saturday, May 17, 2014

Big day for the chickens

We got up early today to go look at a truck.  It ended up being a waste of time.  However, we did get to swing by the place that was selling fertilized eggs and now we are set for fertilized eggs.  I just need that incubator to hurry up and get here.

On the way home there was  a side trip to Menard*s.  What was purchased was a grape vine, three blueberry plants and four pots of raspberry plants.

So many of the plants looked nice.  Thankfully my DH was there or else I might have gone a bit crazy picking out plants. 

The blueberry plants looked really healthy. 

We didn't purchase any strawberry plants. Not that I didn't want to but I don't think these were on sale.  The last time we ordered strawberry plants we ordered a LOT and got overwhelmed.  There are plenty of pick-your-own farms in the area for strawberries so I'm not too hepped up to get plants -- just yet. 

 When we finally made it back to the homestead I broke out the waffle maker and took it on it's maiden voyage.  My son likes waffles better than pancakes and I discovered that I really like blackberry jam on waffles.  Yum!

After eating my DH and son did some more wood splitting.  It's so close to being done.

Later in the day my DH and I put up the fence for the garden. It went really quick and turned out pretty nice.  I told him "May we *never* have to put up a garden fence again. 

While the fence was going up I had my sweet little boy picking up branches.  He was not pleased with me.  Oh well. It gave him a chance to use the wheel barrow.

While the boys were working on wood splitting I was bringing the baby turkeys, Americaunas and Barred Rock out to the little coop.  Right before that both my guy and I brought out the guineas.

We heard nothing but happy little trills from the guineas all day.  After these guys were settled in the big babies were walking around the coop with concerned looks on their faces like: "But, but, that's *our* house. Where are we gonna live?" 

Mr. Turkey says: "This is *our* place now.  No room for you!"

All the babies found their way into the coop and I imagine they will be just fine overnight.  The temps are supposed to be in the 60s tomorrow.

"I love it out here!"  

 Later in the evening I wrangled the babys into the run of the bigger coop.  Later on we got some of the ladies and Brewster in the coop run.  No fights broke out. Brewster acted a bit nervous, actually. 

The babies would NOT walk up the chute and into the coop. They had to be tricked and then put into the coop via the big door. They were kind of pathetic in the coop.  They were trying to get through the chute door and I have a feeling they would have kept trying until they pushed it open.   I got them up on the nesting boxes and eventually they made it up to the roost.

Just begging to be loved

 Grandma P seems to still be just fine hanging out by herself.  She probably appreciates not having to be on guard all the time. Her back end doesn't look quite as bald as it did a few days ago.  She probably has the best set up of all of them. Plenty of food and water and lots of space to herself.

Tonite my guy decided to cut off a chunk of pine of a tree that was cut down last fall.  The wood chunk was at least 22 inches across.  It couldn't be cut in one pass with the chainsaw with the 20 inch bar. The splitter wedge is five inches tall.  Our electric log splitter took care of it just fine.

After all that I went into the kitchen and made a batch of cookies for each of my boys.  I'm very tired. :-) My hard work was appreciated. 

Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. Chocolate chip cookies and milk.

2. The fence for the garden is up.

3. I got to use my waffle maker.

4. The beautiful weather.

5. Beautiful fruit plants at a good price. 

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