Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A beautiful day

Today was my work-at-home day.  It was a perfect day for that.  The sun was shining, the temp was perfect.  Whenever I could I took my computer outside by the coop and hung out with the chickens.  I let them out early instead of the usual time.

So yeah ... nothing much going on today.

Yesterday we noticed that Elvis was hanging out in the nesting box again.  I pulled her out twice and at one point we sprayed her bottom, to try and break her out of her broodiness.

Well, and I feel so bad about this, when I went to tuck them in last night Elvis was up on the roost and doing just fine.  I glanced in the nesting box and spotted two eggs. One of them was Elvis'.  Poor girl!  She had been trying to lay an egg and I kept pulling her out.  Then, to add an indignity, we sprayed her butt.

Tonite, however, she was back in the nesting box and starting her broody trance.  I pulled her out and set her on top of the boxes and one of the bigger babies came over and gave her a peck.  Not cool, bird, not cool.  

And a bear made it's way through the yard last night.  It managed to pull down my thermometer, again, and knock open a bucket of chicken feed. 

Tomorrow is my little man's last day of school.  Where did the year go?  Next year he will be in fourth grade. 

Tomorrow they are having a picnic and he asked me to attend.  After the picnic the kids can be signed out early, which is why he asked me to come, I'm sure. 

That's fine with me.  Haven't decided on what to do with the rest of the day.  I want to do something special for dinner to celebrate but I'm out of ideas at the moment.

Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy

1. The day was perfect, weather-wise.

2. Being able to go outside while I worked.

3. I took time for knitting today.

4.  Having my windows open all day.

5. The smile my guy had on his face when he first saw me after work today.

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