Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Vacation day five

Adventure is my middle name.

No it's not. Homebody is more like it.

Today I dragged my son out to work in the garden.  While we were out there my DH texted me and asked if my son and I were going fishing.  No, my son has already told me he'd rather go fishing when dad is with us.  Fine. ...

My DH said something about how we should go check something out anyways.  I thought, "He's right.  My son and I should go do something."

I told my son, "Let's go on an adventure. Do you want food for PB and J sandwiches or meat, cheese and crackers?"  I pulled together some food, threw it into a cooler and a bag and off we went.

I used the GPS on my phone to track down the road we wanted.  My son was my copilot and navigator, and off we went.

Siri lied to me, more than once.  I eventually found what I was looking for, however.  

When I got to my "first destination" there was no lake.  Only a deer, who was probably laughing at the fool driving around.

I took a left turn and drove around for just a bit before asking the GPS "Where am I?"  I scrolled around on the map a bit and saw a lake and road that I recognized as being a place I'd like to get to at some point. I reset the GPS and off we went.  In a nearby area there is a LOT of little lakes and a lot of little roads.  Take this road, turn onto this road, eventually get to the road you want. Many different ways to get to where you want to go.

Siri told me "Turn left" and this is what was there, a private road with a no trespassing sign next to it.

After looking at the map again I drove straight for a little bit and the road went from asphalt to gravel.

Drove just a little bit longer and voila! The road I wanted to be on, then a quick turn and I was at my destination. 

What a pretty little park.  

I was really impressed that there was this little area for people to go to. 

The road down to the boat launch. 

The staircase down to the "beach." There was a second dock out there and two picnic tables. 

My son loved the deck.  He ran out there right away and soaked his feet.  The water was a bit chilly for me. 

Checking out the picnic tables. 

Enjoying the dock and the cool water. 


Our picnic. We were starving so it was extra tasty.

The pavilion was really nice. Turns out it was donated back in 2002. 

Here's some shots of the lake. 

Clear water. 

It was quiet and peaceful there. There was a couple trolling around in a pontoon but that was about it. I imagine this is what it was like to have a lake cabin back in the 1940s and 1950s. From what I could see this lake hasn't been built up like so many others.  

Not a lot of docks out yet. Plenty of privacy for the cabin owners. 

After eating and enjoying the area we decided to head out and try to find the original destination. A few of the roads I went on didn't seem like roads.  I now live in sand country and many of the less traveled roads aren't much more than a very sandy trail. 

Once I got back on the main drag I turned the other direction instead of what my GPS originally told me.  I bet that within a half mile of the highway I found what I was looking for. 

I got a little video of the lake, from the dock.

The area wasn't what I was expecting.  Not that I'm saying it is bad, just closer to the highway than I thought it would be. 

A little bit of wildlife. 

Lillypads near the dock. 

 I couldn't tell how deep the water was.

 While we were checking it out I could hear a critter making sounds.  I'm guessing it was frogs or toads. The sound was coming from this area.

My son thought it was pretty cool. 

Today my little car went places that I'm sure the car makers never intended for Prius' to go. What was really excellent about this whole thing was that I hardly used any gas.  I drove a LOT today. 

A picture of myself only because I felt that since my son is in a mess of the pictures today, I should be in at least one. Pardon the messy hair.

We also decided to take a detour and go on a road we hadn't been on.  The road kicked us back to the highway and I ended up doing a big circle.  Not very exciting. 

On the way home we spotted a few vultures.  This one didn't want to leave it's prize.

We eventually made it home and I made us some ice cream sundaes.  A little bit later I happened to look out the window just as a small bear came lumbering up the back trail.  Like any normal person, I took it's picture first, then went out there with a pot and pan and banged those together.  I noticed that to the bear's immediate right was the chickens.  It looked like Brewster was keeping an eye on the bear.  The bear was checking out the chickens and plunked his butt down to watch.

The bear didn't seem to be too worried when I went out there banging the pans.  I'm guessing he's heard it before and knows it means that he's not welcomed here.  I got a feeling he'll be back. I'm going to have to think of something a bit louder than pots and pans to spook them away.

When my DH got home we decided to go fishing.  My son wanted to go back to the first lake.  There's fish there but not much.  I think we will stick to the tried and true lake and keep our eyes open for other public access spots.

Oh! I have other news!  Two babies have hatched out.  I haven't taken pics yet because I didn't want to disturb them.  After they dried off in the incubator I set them up in the broody box. I have a third chick that is working it's way out. All these babies are a few days early. This is really exciting.  I'm keeping my ears open for their little chirps. Reality will sink in soon though when all the eggs hatch and I've got a plethora of babies in the house again. 

Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy

1. Going on an adventure with my son.  We both had a lot of fun with it.

2. Impromptu picnics.

3.  Baby chicks are starting to hatch.

4. My son didn't play any video games today and lived to tell the story.

5. Seeing my son learn things from his daddy.

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