Tuesday, June 17, 2014

One step closer to being done

See this stack of wood?

Tonite the whole family pitched in and prepped it for getting split.  My DH cut it up and my son and I loaded it up to the back of the truck.

The biggest load we've ever done.

You can't even tell that there is such a large load in the truck bed.

My son counted the number of logs and there was about 18 left.  Woo hoo!  Now we just have to split it up and stack it. 

 Look!  Emtpy space! It's all gone!

I have sad news today. :-(  When my son and I got home I set out to check all the food and water dishes for the fowl. My son opened up the coops and I discovered one of our bronze turkeys died.

We are all very sad about this.  He was a little sweetheart.  My son called his dad up to tell him about it. Not a very nice way to end the work day, so to speak.  The other turkeys seem to miss the third one. The guineas couldn't care less, it seems.

Elvis is still broody. Buck is up to not good. He tried to make hearts with one of the girls and she kicked his butt before Brewster had a chance to get over there. Later on in the coop Buck tried it again and I've never seen Brewster jump of the roost so fast. 

I also need to figure out how to control the flies. So I'll be researching that tomorrow.

Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy

1. I am almost caught up at work after my vacation.

2. My emergency kit is finished.

3. My son put a lot of effort into the project this evening.

4. Singing in the car on the way home

5. My son knows a lot about coordinates.  I guess minecraft is good for something. :D

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