Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Epic wood project done!

Why do I feel like snickering at that title? :-)

Way back when, in January or so, we ordered a whole mess of wood to split and have ready for the upcoming winter.  The family started splitting it on weekends and it became the "thing" we did on weekends.  After a while it became a bit of a slog and a lot of times it felt like it would the project would never end.

Guess what?

Hurray! It's done! Wood won't need to be split for quite a while.  By then, my son will be old enough to do the majority of the work.  Just kidding ... or am I?

Today was the first day I was able to let my son sleep in a bit before going to daycamp.  Naturally he woke up early and then was promptly crabby about what I made for breakfast.

At about 8:30 a.m. the FedEx man delivered a package which turned out to be an early birthday present from my MIL.  She checked out my Amazon wishlist and ordered me a Cadco PCR-1S professional cast iron range.

I am so stoked! I immediately called her up and thanked her.

To back track a bit, I wanted one of these for canning season.  I have a glasstop stove and even though *they* say you can pressure can on glasstop stoves, I'm pretty leery about doing so.  If my stove broke I would be hurting.

I shared my good news with a canning group on Facebook and someone asked how the canner fit on the hot plate. I took a picture and shared. 

Now I feel like I can pressure can and water bath all the canning things!  I've already run it through it's initial heat up to set the sealant.  Hmmm, what to make on its maiden voyage?  Stay tuned!

Since I had a work-at-home day I let the chickens and other fowl out early this a.m.  They had a fabulous day.  I told my DH that I felt bad for the turkeys because a few times today they were up on the deck making their little barking sound.  It was as if they were looking and calling for their missing flock member.

My DH watched the white turkey jump up on one of their new roosts he put up a few nights ago.  Apparently turkeys are not very graceful getting up to higher places and he has theorized that might have been what happened to our male bronze turkey, he injured himself trying to get up on the roost.

This photo was taken earlier in the week but I didn't have a chance to post it.

Elvis is still brooding.  Feels like she's been like this forever now.  I pulled her out of the coop and set her out in the yard.  Buck immediately tried to make hearts with her.  Elvis freaked and ran over by Brewster, who tried to do his dance of desire and impress her.  It was comical, actually.   Then she ran around the coop a few times and dashed back in.

So that is all the excitement in my neck of the woods today.

Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy

1. Early birthday presents and receiving my new hot plate.

2. No more wood splitting.  Woo hoo!

3. How easy it is to get the guineas tucked in for the night.

4. Sleeping with the windows open.

5. Hamburgers made on the grill.  Yum!

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