Friday, June 27, 2014

Starting the day with surprise visitors

This morning I was up and doing my usual routine which involves sitting in the living room and chatting with my guy. He sits in front of the main window. As I was looking over at him a black bear entered my view.

Course, by the time I got my camera she turned.

Then my guy exclaimed "Look!" and pointed over to the right of the front yard.  There was a "baby."

Baby came trotting over to mom and they meandered over to the side yard. 

I ran to my bedroom and saw them hanging by the side yard. The littlest chickens in the nursery coop were all alert and pointing in the direction of the bears.  So I opened the window and started yelling at the bears and they went running off into the Jack pines.

I'm so not happy about this.  Last year I saw bears maybe three times over the whole season.

That was the start of my day and nothing topped it.  I can promise that.

Went to work. Work was very quiet. I left early, ran some errands and went to day camp and picked my son up early.

When we got home he parked himself on the floor in the living room and rested while I took care of some house things. This afternoon I was able to get some knitting time in, take a cat nap and try a new recipe. It's called Creamy Bow Tie Pasta.  The recipe was a bit putzy and I can certainly see why the boxed pasta side dishes are so popular.  I enjoyed the final product.  I would add more garlic and spice if I make it again.

Remember back in March or April when I was ALL ABOUT having herbs growing in the tin cans?  Yeah ... I started some seeds indoors but those fell by the wayside once we got more baby chicks in the house. The cans still aren't spray painted. It's either been too cold or too damp out to try and spray painting anything. This afternoon I planted a bunch of herb seeds and my fingers are crossed these will thrive. 

We got rain this evening.  It wasn't a cold rain but I didn't want to be out in it.  The guineas were squawking up a storm because they were getting wet.  They were going to make a dash to their coop but the other chickens were in there and eating their food.

After the rain eased up a bit my DH went out and jack-hammered the front stoop for a little bit while  I  used the wheelbarrow to haul the broken concrete. I'm bummed that even with the wheelbarrow I can't haul too much more than if I had used the red wagon. I guess I'm just a weakling that way.

Last night after I published my blog entry I realized I hadn't done a daily 5.  I was more tired than I thought.  Unfortunately I'm going through a bout of insomnia and it may be starting to catch up to me.  I'm not forgetting tonite!

Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy

1. Walking into my house and smelling supper cooking in the oven. 

2. Elvis' eye is looking better.

3.  Finally getting herb seeds planted.

4. Spending time in my craft room knitting.

5. My son is on the mend. Hallelujah!

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