Thursday, June 19, 2014

A mostly chicken update

I feel like I should start carrying a camera and video recorder out to the chicken coops, always.

Buck is basically harassing the girls. He's so desperate to make hearts with one of them. I think he doesn't even care which one it is.  He chased Elvis for a bit, who freaked and ran around.  Then he tried to be with No-Tail and she was having none of that.  She turned around and chased him down and growled at him. 

You can tell when he's been up to no good by the way he goes running across the yard.

The best part was when he tried to be with the Wynadotte and he made the mistake of doing that right in front of Brewster.  Brewster literally came sliding in to teach Buck a lesson.

Everyone else seems to be fine and doing great.

This is our Barred Rock.  She's such a little sweetie.  She likes to be held.  She reminds me so much of Spot, our first Barred Rock.  Smart as a whip and such a little dearie. 

One of the Americaunas enjoying the perch that was installed this week. She didn't want her photo taken.

One of our other Americauna babies.  I love her little tufts of feathers around her face.

It was hard getting an image of both the turkeys.  They don't like it when you get into their personal bubble of space.  Two of the guineas are in the background.

Elvis' second batch of babies are as fiesty as ever.  They will forever be known as Team Dauntless. The two darker ones in this picture are roos, I think.  The one in the middle for sure.

Not afraid of much and ready to knock their food all over the place to show how "tuff" they are.  Seriously, scratching their food out of their feeder was a very bad habit they picked up from Elvis before we put Elvis back in the coop.

Our newest babies are quiet busy. 

They are so sweet at this age with their bitty feathers and rough and tumble ways. 

Some of them already have wee little tails.  

I spent some time in the garden tonite.  

And we had a visit from a local bear.  It wandered into the yard and moseyed around a bit. I tried to take a decent photo but my camera wouldn't focus properly. 

Seemed as if it knew I was trying to take it's photo.  Look at that pose. 


After I took the photos my DH went out and yelled at the bear and it ran away.  I'm sure we haven't seen the last of it.

Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy

1. Homemade root beer floats

2. Family dinners.

3. Spending time in the garden this evening.

4. Singing "Godzilla" in the car with my son

5. String cheese.

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