Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sunny, wonderful Saturday

Both yesterday and today we woke up to a bear in the yard. The one that visited the side yard yesterday was BIG, several hundred pounds. It was sniffing the ground looking for something.  I yelled at it and it ran away.  Today the bear was the young one from a few days ago.  This one was chased off as well. Hmmmm.

Today we went to town and picked up supplies for a new front stoop and ...

an arbor for the grapevine by the garden.

I put this together almost all by myself.  There was a few things that I couldn't quite reach and my DH came to my rescue.

Other things I did today was taking back the yard, so to speak.  I used the push lawnmower and cleared the edges of the yard and also cleared out the area behind the chicken coops.  I look like I scalped part of the yard but it will look fine after a few days.

The girls had a fabulous day outside today.  I had to share a photo of Grandma P.  Her tail is back. 

Buck is up to no good lately. 

Yesterday he nipped my son. When I was outside and keeping an eye on him Buck went submissive in front of me. I've never seen him do that before but I guess he recognizes I'm his alpha. 

Today he thought it would be a good idea to jump on of the girls, right in front of Brewster.  He was promptly knocked off his "high horse."

He's also taken to running to and from the deck when someone comes out.  

Tonite it was verified that Honk is indeed a boy. He jumped on the wynadotte, right in the chute.  He didn't do a good job because she didn't seem to mind and kept right on with what she was doing, which was going to eat scratch. 

Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy

1. The weather got nice today.  It was a wee bit chilly this morning. 

2. I got my birthday present from my DH ordered.  :-)  I'll be able to do this: 

With my very own S & W, M & P. Squee!

3. The guineas put themselves to bed tonite.

4. My son had lot of imitative today and did things around the house without being asked.

5. How fresh the night air smells right now.

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