Thursday, June 26, 2014

Near the end of the week catch up

It was another one of those weeks that flew by and I didn't spend much time in front of the computer. ... Let's see ...

On Monday, it was a really quiet day both at work and home. I got the okay to take Tuesday and Wednesday off from work. When my son and I got home he crawled onto his chair in the living room and fell asleep.  I thought he was tuckered out from daycamp, but really, I should know better by now.  He *never* does something like that unless he's not feeling well.

On Tuesday I kept my son home since he was looking pretty pathetic and running a mild fever.  Though he did perk up after a while and a dose of medicine. We ran some errands, picked up my birthday present from my DH and came back home. Shortly after getting home, a worker from the power company was walking through my side yard and came knocking on my door. Turns out the were going to lay a new power line since the old one is "vintage." He mentioned the power outage last year. I said "Oh yes, that happened on the first day of school."

However, my garden is running right over an easement they have for the lot behind my property. 

Great, just great.  I told him that nothing had been marked even though someone said they would mark all underground cables and wires.  Otherwise, no way would we have put the garden there.

The red line indicates where the underground wire is. 

Thankfully, they can move over about 15-20 feet and run it between the trees. Though now I guess I'm worried if that will kill the mature trees. 

Speaking of the garden, here is the arbor with the grapevine.  I can't wait to see that grapevine all over the arbor.

Later in the evening I tried out my gift from my DH.  I'm enjoying it very much.  I'm sure the neighbors are not.

Wednesday it was my birthday.  I kept my son home again. The night before he fell asleep on the couch with my cloth knitting bag on him like a blanket. I should have got a picture, but I didn't.  Not very smart of me.  He also developed a cough.  I let him stay on the couch and Wednesday morning he got up and went to his bedroom and crawled into bed.  So I let him stay home again. He slept til 8 a.m. and after a few hours he perked up again. So I took him to the local Dairy Queen for lunch.  He ate only half his burger and barely touched his sundae.

It was pretty blah for most of the day. 

Oh yeah, and I colored my hair and gave myself a pedicure.  A gift to myself.

After supper I practiced with my handgun again. I did pretty great.  I went for a very long time not doing so well with target practicing.  I think I've found "it" again.

This is a grouping of five shots from 30 feet away.  I will probably never do this well again.

That brings us today.

Went to work and brought my son to daycamp. He seemed to be better.

When I got to the office my coworker had birthday goodies sitting on my desk.  A four-pack of root beer, which made me smile, a Lindt dark chocolate bar and a brioche cinnamon roll from the local coffee shop.  Oh yum!  She also spoiled me and took me out to lunch.

After work I picked my son up and he looked wore out.  When he got in the car he said he didn't want the windows open or the air conditioning on.  He was running another fever :-(

I made a quick stop at wal*mart and got some medicine.  By the time I got back out to the car he was sleeping and didn't want to wake up.  In fact, he slept almost all the way home. 

There was a quick side trip to my MIL's to pick up a birthday gift from my SIL and BIL.

I got the blue Ball canning jars.  Three packs!

I was so pumped when I saw these!  I've been secretly lusting after these for the last year or so.  I haven't let myself buy them because per jar they are more expensive then regular jars.  I can't wait to use them.  My DH was helping me thinking of what would look good in them. 

I got some really wonderful birthday gifts this year and have been spoiled rotten. This has really been a great year for me and I am so grateful for that.

Look at my usually sweet little Elvis.  She's still brooding and getting light as a feather.  She is eating but not as much as she should be, I'm sure.  I noticed that she also has one eye that is partly swollen.  I'm wondering if she got hen pecked.   In the meantime, her depth perception sucks.

My guy was holding Buck and I tried to take photos of his feathers.  He's got such pretty feathers. 

Can you see the blue?

Back on Monday I got the privilege of seeing Buck become a man.  The poor hen looked all confused.  Since then Buck has been walking with a bit of a swagger and he's been taking liberties with the hens right in front of Brewster.  I have to say, I'm a bit surprised he would be so bold.

Then tonite happened. I heard a commotion in the coop.  Brewster knocked poor Tailed-Red off the roost and Buck tried to take advantage. Brewster flew down, knocked Buck off  and finished the deed.  I left the coop but returned a few second later when I heard yet another commotion and thought Tailed-Red was being picked on. I opened the coop door in time to see Honk go flying into the window.  Tailed-Red was running around and Brewster was giving Buck a butt-whooping.  Brewster then got back up on the roost and started chattering at Buck, who didn't move a muscle.

Poor Buck. He's so frustrated.

Here is the beginning of the next house project.  A new front stoop to the house.  But first, the old one needs to be removed

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