Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Vacation days three and four

Yesterday was a low key kind of day. I had to meet someone in town so my son and I bummed around the house and watched tv.

After getting back home we didn't do much else except watch the chickens.

This morning my guy reminded me that the shed still needed to be painted.  Bah, another trip to town.

Another thing from this morning: I am a day late getting the incubator into lockdown. While I was moving the eggs out of the egg turner I heard a little peep and noticed that one of the eggs is pipped, or whatever it's called.  How exciting!  I haven't talked about the eggs much because it's been so low maintainence rather than remembeirng to feed a broody mama and clean up after her. Now I have to keep an eye on the incubator and look for hatched eggs. 

My son and I painted the shed after getting back home.  We were making good time until I realized there was a hornets or wasp nest the size of a ping pong ball on the back of the shed.  I had spray stuff and used it.  Then we took a break for lunch and I walked my son through all the steps for making mac and cheese.

When we got back home we let the guineas, turkeys and all the baby chickens out for the day.

They didn't hesitate leaving the coop. They jumped out and immediately stretched their wings and tried flying. Then they would fly at each other and freak themselves out. I would go check on them every so often and the guineas were sunning themselves; the turkeys and the chickens were snuggling up with each other and the big girls were NOT happy they were still in the chicken run. 

The guineas don't make much noise when they are in the coop.  Not the case when they are outside. They get pretty verbal at times and it sort of reminds me of why I don't care for their little personalities.

 They move as one and when they weren't roaming they were on top of the chicken run which I'm sure the big girls just loved.

I let the other babies out too.  That was interesting.  They'd run into the Americauna's and Barred Rock that are with the guineas and they'd all do their neck puff thing and stand off with one another.  I'm not sure who ever won. 

It's fun to see the turkeys lumbering around, the white one in particular.  It walks all stiff-legged but seems so docile.  The little chickens would start tussling with each other and the white turkey would stand up and walk over and the chickens immediately started behaving.  You can sort of see one of the bronze turkeys and one of the Americauna's snuggling next to each other.

The male bronze turkey would do his little feather puff once in a while, and fan his tail out.  Not sure if he was trying to show off or show that he was dominate over the white turkey.  I don't mind their little "barks" either. 

My son and I got lucky and were able to corral the birds and get them all back into their coops without too much of a fuss.  Then I let the big girls out, and the roos. They were happy for their "outside" time. 

I brought my son over to the garden and explained that we needed the garden weeded and I needed to finish up the shed so he needed to start the garden.  Even though I explained what needed to be pulled he got some of my veggie plants :-(

Tomorrow I'll have to replant some stuff, in addition to weeding the garden.

Meanwhile, I wrapped up the shed.  It looks fabulous and I didn't cry once while painting.  That is a major victory right there.

Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy

1. The shed has been painted! Woo hoo!

2. My son being a pretty good sport regarding all the things I had him do today.

3. My son made his own lunch.

4. The show "Third Rock from the Sun." I forgot how funny that show is.

5. Babies will hatch any day now.  

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