Sunday, June 15, 2014

The last of my vacation

The weather has been not so great the last few days.  So, nothing much going on except for rain.

I dragged my son in to Cost Cutters on Friday so he could get a much needed hair cut.  I can tell he likes it because he's been a bit more spunky than usual.  We had a surprise lunch with my guy, too.

Saturday we got up and went fishing. I can sense a tradition in the making.  I'm fine with that.  Gives us all a chance to do something together, gives my son a chance to learn something that he really enjoys and the boys get brunch.

I caught a big sunfish and a decent sized bass this week.

The sunfish was pretty.

The bass looked like a bass. Both were tasty.

We let the guineas and turkeys out with the big girls and Roos the later part of this week.  Everyone played along well. Actually they stuck to their own groups.

I had let the little babies out and they ended up hiding under the coop.  We caught them and put them back in their own coop. It's been decided the chicks are not mature or big enough to hang with the other chickens. They are quite content in their little coop.

The guineas and turkeys are starting to explore and stretch out their boundaries. It makes me nervous.  I'm still impressed with how quiet this group of guineas are.

Elvis is still broody and we put her out of the coop yesterday and today and she ran circuits around the coop, looking for a way back in.  She was chugging like a locomotive and that naughty Buck tried to make hearts with her. Elvis shrieked and Brewster came running and body slammed into Buck.  It was a sight to see.  You can always tell when Buck is up to no good. He's trying so hard to be with the girls and none of them want anything to do with them.  Half the time the girls beat him up.

In other chicken news: We have just the four baby chicks hatched out from the incubator.  My guy and I did some research and realized we had the settings set incorrectly on the incubator.  In fact, these four babies are pretty darn lucky to be alive.  The incubator is set for degrees Celsius and I had it set too warm.  I'm pretty sure I had the humidity set too high as well. 

So yeah, four very lucky little babies.  The last one to hatch out almost didn't make it.  We have another little runt and I think that one might be a boy.  Why?

Because yesterday we went to Hayward and stopped at the Fleet Farm and picked up ten new babies and when we put them all together, the little runt got all territorial.

Yes, we bought more babies.  Five Rhode Island Reds and Five Black Australorps. 

They all seem to be playing nice together.  And yes, I have chickens back in my craft room.

Speaking of crafts, since the weather has been a bit cruddy, I've been knitting.

I knit three dishcloths. I really do like the Ballband dishcloth pattern.

Yesterday I started a Splendid Triangle shawl from LionBrand.

 I got a lot of the shawl done and when I was admiring it after completing a repeat I saw that I managed to flip the repeat somehow and I was working the pattern on the wrong side.  Grrrrr.  Since this may end up being a gift, I have to rip it back and rework the last three repeats.  If the weather stays raining I could have this done by the end of the week.

Since today was Father's Day I cleaned my guys car and washed the outside. He was very much appreciative.  We picked out a nice steak for supper and he smoked it and finished it off on the grill.  Oh, it was good!

Tomorrow it's back to the grind.  Vacation was great while it lasted.

Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy

1. Getting to sleep in just a bit.

2. Bananas and cool whip.

3. The steak my DH made for supper.

4. Hearing the frogs right now.

5. The guineas and turkeys put themselves to bed tonite. 

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Kelsbels said...

Sounds like it was a nice vacation overall! And just had to laugh about you guys getting more chicks!

I officially start my summer sleeping schedule tomorrow. So looking forward to a little more sleep in the mornings!