Friday, March 14, 2014

End of the week

Today is the end of my vacation.  For a week that started out with so much promise weather-wise, it ended on a cool note. The temps were up in the 30s today but no sun.

The last few days haven't been too exciting.  Well ... Wednesday when I went out to tuck the chickens in for the night I couldn't tell if there was water in the waterer's trough and I nudged it.  The bottom fell off.  Two gallons of water landed on the floor of the coop.  I was very, very shocked.  Then the chickens started chattering at me as if they were saying "Look what you did! Now what are we supposed to do?"  It was around 9 p.m., dark out and "cold". I did the only thing I could think of.  I grabbed the bag of pine shavings and dumped them on the water.  Then it froze so I wasn't able to shovel it out until today.

We haven't had the heater on in the coop this week (can't remember if I mentioned this) and things have been just fine with the eggs and the water hasn't been freezing.  The chickens have been enjoying being able to go outside.  Because the snow is so deep out there they are pretty protected from the wind.

I have something really exciting to share.  I've suspected that my little black chick, "Crow" has been a roo, since he hatched out.  Wednesday he proved me right.

I'm a bit sad that we have a boy since we already have a roo.  I'm not really sure what we will do.  We are pretty sure his mama is Blackie and she's an excellent layer so perhaps if we do keep him around he can pass on those good egg laying genes.  He's currently trying to establish his dominance with his siblings and the white chick is having none of it.  She goes toe to toe with him.

Yesterday I went to town and visited my MIL for a bit and took the boy.  Naturally by the time the visit was done he had sweet talked her into letting him watch youtube, taken over her tv and probably conned her into making food for him.

I went to Menard*s and ordered the stuff for the shed.  I wasn't able to pick it up right away but I did meet my guy there after he was done with work and we loaded up the truck.  We got home later than usual, ate supper and sprawled out on the couch and watched something on tv but I can't remember what.  We were tired.

Today my son and I stayed home and while I'd like to say we just bummed around I was busy puttering around the house and *finally* got a batch of root beer made.

I had meant to make the root beer at the beginning of the week so we could enjoy it this weekend.  Better late than never, I say. 

Spinning happened this week.  I spun about two ounces. I had to be careful because my right wrist is still aching and it seems most everything makes it ache.  I tried knitting last night and that was a mistake. 

I noticed yesterday that the squirrel has finally noticed that there is food in the bird feeders.  But, it can't pull the suet cake holder down.  Many times I opened up the door and scared it away from the feeder.  The squirrel would run to the pine tree and the Blue Jays, Chick a Dees and Nuthatches would come back. I thought I saw Grackles or Starlings in the yard back by were we dump stuff for the squirrels and other critters.  I suppose migration is starting.

I forgot to post this last weekend.  I got my package from the dishcloth swap I was in this past month. So fun! The theme of the swap was to knit a dishcloth in the colors of your favorite sports team and then pick a goodie that is the same color as the team colors. 

Her old high school team was the "Spencer Tigers." I love the construction of the striped cloth.  The Owl is adorable. You can't really tell, but I cracked into the candy almost right away. The packets of tea are peach flavored.  I can't wait to try the tea. I love trying new teas.   Thank you A!

Thanks to the weather warming up (finally) and Spring being in six days my gardening itch has been amped up.

I took stock of the seeds I have and started making notes of when I can plant some of it.  I can't start until April.  At least I can plan and daydream.  I remembered that the new garden bed is still under two feet of snow.  I've also started dreaming about a greenhouse but I know that is now where in my immediate future.  I am also thinking about what I can do to warm up the garden soil once the snow melts. 

Thursday when I was at Walmart I strolled through the garden stuff and found rhubarb roots and asparagus crowns.  I am so pumped by this! When we were looking last year we couldn't find any starts at all. I'm eager to get a a rhubarb patch and asparagus patch started. 

Daily 5 of things that made me happy today

1. Getting to spin and practice my long draw today

2. I seasoned my cast iron skilled just right!  No sticking tonite when we made pork chops

3. Hearing my little guy crow his little heart out.

4. Braeburn apples.  My son picked out some good ones.

5. This song Cheap Trick ~ The flame.  I haven't heard it in years.  Heard it yesterday.

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